Hi Findlay 3am! How are you?

I’m doing great, thanks for asking.

 When/How did you start/get into making music?

I began to realize music may be my talent when I was very young and could sing.  My mother was a professional Opera singer and my sister does musical theater so it runs in the family.  When I was about 9 I began to play guitar.  I practiced hard and by age 13 I was a decent guitar player.  I wrote my first song when I was 13 as well, and not surprisingly it was trash.  I wrote many songs after that to try to better my skills, and it took a lot of practice and frustration.  Eventually, I downloaded FL Studio for free and began my journey as a producer.  I ended up buying the full DAW so I could record into it and learn to use plugins.  I went to an all-boys catholic highschool, so as you can imagine I spent most of my time with my headphones loud making beats on my laptop.  By junior year of highschool, I started gaining some online attention for my singing on instagram.  This motivated me to start putting out the songs I had been recording in my room.  I am now 18 and I’m taking music much more seriously as a career.

What is your greatest inspiration for your music?

The greatest inspiration I have when writing my music is my own anxiety.  I struggle with OCD and depression and I use my music as an emotional outlet.  Much of my music is created simply because it calms me down to listen to it.

 What is the hardest subject you’ve ever written about?

The hardest subject I’ve ever written about is my OCD compulsion in “Dermatophagia”. Dermatophagia is a compulsion to bite the skin off of your fingers.  It feels like I have to pull off my skin because its covering up my fingers, if that makes any sense.

 What is the greatest achievement you’ve ever accomplished?

My greatest achievement in music is probably my song “Diesel”.  I recorded it when I was 16 in my bedroom studio, and as of today has 13,000 streams on Spotify alone.  I also have some semi-viral singing videos on my instagram that I am very proud of.  Findlay, 3 AM merch sold out its entire new line, but you can find the new drop in my instagram bio.

Are you planning on releasing new music soon?

Yes, in fact I have an EP dropping soon with a song featuring Trust’N.  It’s the best music I’ve made to date.

What is next for you?

I have so much music to share with all of you, I’m very excited to continue my work as a musician.  If you work hard dreams come true.

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