Coffee Bike: How to Ride One of the Most Profitable Businesses

Coffee Bike is one of the business niches that are becoming fashionable in recent months, which, like food trucks, offers the possibility to change location whenever you want. Making it a little more flexible when planning, since we can point to several areas.

Coffee shops on wheels are a great opportunity to start a business that has always been profitable, since the preparation and sale of coffee is something in demand in big cities. Which provides stability and a guaranteed success, but as in any business you must carry out a planning and look for strategic places. Therefore, we will see some things to keep in mind.

Riding a Coffee Bike / Best bikes for your business on wheels

The first thing that catches the attention of Coffee Best bikes for your business on wheels is that it is a point of sale on a bicycle, having the same strategy as the Food Truck but with less budget and less maintenance. That is why when choosing the bicycle, it must be as striking as possible, because it is the first thing that customers will see.

Prices of a Coffee Bike

Like Food Trucks, it is a niche where prices vary greatly; this will depend on the quality, size and customization chosen. But to get an idea, Coffee Bike prices start at $ 4,000 dollars (including machines and supplies). Without a doubt, they are a bit high numbers, but it is still much cheaper than buying a food truck, since with what it costs you can invest in 2 or 3 Coffee Bike and therefore have more profits.


The locations will be something essential for the Coffee Bike business, you will have to do a previous investigation on the places where there are more passersby, as well as what are the busiest hours for each hour. With these data you can now draw a route to take each day of the week.

Advertising and marketing

Like any business you should make your projects known so that people can know in what place and on what day they can find you with their Coffee Bike, as well as what prices you drive and what offers there are in each week. Internet advertising is recommended, because it has a much faster and more direct reach with potential customers.

Licenses for a Coffee Bike

In order to offer these services on the street you will need some licenses such as health / sanitation permits and typical street sale permits, which may vary in each country, so I recommend you go to the offices of your city to be sure that It fulfills everything.

Quality of the products

Something that you have to keep in mind is the quality of your coffees, because that will make a difference and make people choose it. There are many varieties of coffee, so make sure which ones are in demand and which are the highest quality brands as well as training to serve the best possible customers.

Plan your business

It is recommended to make a business plan as in all projects, in this way nothing will be overlooked and you will be able to undertake success. Try to make inquiries about your market and if there is any direct competition. And if there is competition, try to make a different path.

Choose a striking brand name

That’s right, try to choose a name that is the most striking and easy to remember, as I said before, Coffee Bike Mexico is a very innovative business and if we add a very striking name to it, the business will be 100 percent successful.

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