3 Band Merch Ideas That Sell

According to the BLS, there are about 187,600 musicians in the U.S. currently. However, since actual numbers of musicians are hard to measure, the real number is likely much higher.

Some of those musicians are solo acts, but many of them play in bands. Bands are a great way for a musician to get their music heard. But how do bands become successful? The right band merch ideas are part of the answer.

In the age of free and inexpensive music online, bands can’t rely on record sales alone to pay the bills. Touring and selling merch brings in much-needed profit.

And not all merch is created equal. Looking for some great merch ideas for your band? You’ve come to the right place—here are the top band merch ideas that will really sell.

  1. Think Small: Pins, Patches, and Stickers

When it comes to merch, everyone wants to make big sales. But most of your merch buyers are probably only going to have a few bucks. Or, maybe they’ve only just discovered your band, and are looking for a small way to show support.

That’s why you need small, inexpensive merch items to sell. People who buy these items might later invest in something bigger. But the little things will keep your band on their mind in the meantime.

Try stickers, pins, and patches: these are classic, affordable band merch items that will never go out of style. You can also get creative with other small items like bracelets or wristbands—check out this website for details.

  1. Go Classic: T-Shirts and Wearables

The band t-shirt is still one of the best band merch ideas out there. It’s very in style to wear band shirts, and a cool graphic or logo can attract lots of buyers.

You probably already have your band logo, so the main thing to think about for shirts is quality. Choose nice, soft shirts that will fit well and last a long time. Make sure to print high-quality logos that won’t come off after a few washes.

In addition to t-shirts, consider selling other wearables, like trucker hats, hoodies, and dresses for more options. Know your audience and how they dress, and you’ll know which wearables to sell.

  1. Be Unforgettable: Signed Physical Copies

Of course, records and CDs will always be a cornerstone of band merch ideas. However, you can take things up a notch with a limited selection of signed copies.

A signed copy creates a personal attachment to your album. Someone’s much more likely to carefully store this copy for years to come, rather than losing it in the backseat of their car.

Keep demand high (and save your writing hand) by only offering a few signed copies at each show.

Ready to Start Selling Your Band Merch Ideas?

While these crucial band merch ideas will get you started, the best band merch is always up to you.

You know your band’s voice better than anyone else. Good merch will reflect that voice, whether it’s silly and quirky or dark and serious.

Another great way to come up with cool merch ideas? Check out other bands and what they sell. For some great bands to try, make sure to visit our Music section often and see what’s new!

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