The different faces of romantic relationships

The Greeks seemed to have a lot figured out. Their philosophical ideas are still used today, their myths are so striking that we read them again and again, the concept of theatre that we have today comes from them; yes, the Greeks taught us many things. 

But one of the things they taught us, which we tried for a long time to forget, is how much they knew about sexual pleasure. If there’s one thing Greeks knew about, it’s this. Their boundaries were much wider than ours, and they understood that monogamy is not natural for human beings.

Right now we are in the middle of a sexual awakening, the lines between genders and exclusive relationships are becoming ever more blurred.


The idea that we have just one soulmate, or that humans were created to live as part of a couple, changes with this concept. Polyamorous relationships are when three or more people have a sexual and affectionate relationship together.

This kind of relationship tends to be a threesome of people in love and seeing each other exclusively. The connection is far deeper than sexual and ultimately aims for cohabitation with all the participants.


Sexual monotony can bring relationships to an end, but more daring couples try new things. Threesomes are often at the top of lists of sexual fantasies, but finding someone who wants to participate can be difficult. Don’t worry, you can fulfil your fantasies with impressive escorts in London and stop wasting time looking for anyone else. 

Open relationships

In this case, we have couples who prefer not to be monogamous even though they are seeing each other exclusively. Normally, these couples allow each other to have sex with other people, and don’t consider it cheating.

Many couples use this kind of relationship when they consider that sex and love are not necessarily connected, and for them, desiring another person does not risk their commitment to their partner. This is different from polyamory because there are no romantic relationships with other people. 


Partner swapping (also known as swinging) can take place in many ways. There are specialist pages that organise parties where you can only go in as part of a couple.

Swing Cam

If you want something more intimate, meeting couples at swinging bars or online are other options. If you go online, you can even opt for a Swing Cam, which refers to having sex along with another couple via a camera. It might not be the same as skin-on-skin contact, but this method can work for those wanting to start out in this world without taking any risks.

It doesn’t matter how you love as long as you do it responsibly

Sexuality is a huge spectrum, with thousands of facets. Finding the one that best adapts to your desires can be very fun. But remember, no matter how much you experiment, doing it responsibly and with awareness is essential to make the journey pleasant the whole way. 

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