The Butterfly Bids Adieu to “The Masked Singer”

“You can only chase a butterfly for so long,” said author Jane Yolen in her novel Prince Across the Water, and last night’s ninth episode of television hit The Masked Singer confirmed that salient bit of melancholy wisdom as The Butterfly flew out of our television and into a future game of Trivia Pursuit (“Which creature or insect was eliminated on the December 4, 2019 episode of the pop culture sensation, The Masked Singer?”).

 To be for sure, it was one of the tougher eliminations so far in this second season and perhaps that’s to be expected as the list of remaining masked celebrity contestants gets whittled further down. All four survivors fought hard to win last night and a motley crew it was: The aforementioned Butterfly, Fox, Tree and Thingamajig took out all of the stops and brought the house down with their own respective song and dance choices.

Backtracking Interlude (Brought to you by Proctor & Gamble): There was no episode of The Masked Singer last week due to the Thanksgiving holiday the following day. Let me repeat that, ladies and gents – There. Was. No. Episode. Last. Week. This confused and depressed me even as I struggled with my mixed emotions of this FOX show. On one hand, the lack of a new installment left me with more downtime for my family and no pesky show review to wring my hands over. However, on the other hand there has been a sort of weekly Wednesday evening ritual that my better-half and I engage in which involves blurry recognition of the latest goings-on in the saccharine world of Singer as we polish off a chilled bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and chase it all down with a smattering of blue sage. This always seems to be the best recipe in dealing with Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger as they hash out their respective views on the costumed men and women who risk life, limb and humility in order to be crowned the ultimate champion. When last week aired its ugly head without an all-new original episode my family fell into what some may term a holiday depression and – well, hell, who am I kidding? We still shared our bottle of chilled Sauvignon and floated away to Happy Land on a bountiful supply of tea. But somewhere in the dark, dark night of an early Thanksgiving morning, ye olde scribbler of words shed a silent tear for that M.I.A. episode of The Masked Singer.

 That little bit of pleasantry out of the way, let’s get down to the straight dope on last night’s episode: The judge’s table was once again graced with the always snarky and fun Joel McHale. I’ve harbored a man-crush on Joel since his days on E! Networks The Soup and were this not a review for an episode of Singer, I would wax nostalgic for at least a paragraph on the intricate joys of the much missed sitcom, Community. McHale brings a true zaniness to the proceedings and many flat notes and stilted dance moves from the contestants are forgiven just for the sheer audacity of the show’s producers to place Robin Thicke and Joel McHale within the same camera frame, inches apart. It’s akin to having 1955 Elvis Presley (McHale) share a bill with late 1950s teen sensation Fabian (Thicke in this scenario) and Robin is just the sort of celebrity that Joel would good-naturedly and wryly skewer every week on The Soup. So points for that, FOX!

 But what the one or two people who accidently wondered over to this article after thinking they had clicked the headline for the latest Kardashian news really want to know is how the celebrity contestants on Password Plus, er, The Masked Singer fared overall last night. Well, Fox had a stellar evening, knocking the ball out of the park with a rendition of the Chris Stapleton song Tennessee Whiskey.

 Butterfly flew into the stratosphere with a soulful interpretation of the Demi Lovato ditty Sorry Not Sorry. The judges and audience however had different ideas and Butterfly lagged behind Fox after the respective voting results was announced

 Thingamajig revealed that he would, in fact, be the first in line for the eagerly anticipated twenty cd Michael Buble box set by belting out a version of the crooner’s song Haven’t Met You Yet, much to the delight of judge Scherzinger who has a last name that recalls to me a really bad leftover dinner. Don’t ask.

 Tree countered this lovefest by performing a sappy (get it?) version of Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart. This was enough to soundly K.O. Thingamajig, sending him off to a smackdown against Butterfly.

 In what some might describe as a 21st Century equivalent of an Old West showdown (que up your theme for The Good, the Bad and the Ugly), Thingamajig gunned down Butterfly with Usher’s Caught Up, roundly drubbing the latter’s performance of Imagine Dragon’s Believer. And in the end, Butterfly stood unmasked and revealed as none other than that trifecta of awesomeness, Michelle Williams (singer, actress and a former dues paying member of Destiny’s Child).

 With just a few more episodes to go, who will stand revealed as The Masked Singer victor? Tune in next week for my post-show reveal!

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