INTERVIEW: Alexis Assadi Talks About Photography

Alexis Assadi is an amateur photographer who lives in Vancouver, Canada. He uses photography as a means to decompress and observe more about the world. He posts his images weekly on his photo blog, Alexis Assadi’s Pictures.

You’re not a photographer by trade. How did you become interested in it?

I would not categorize myself as a photographer now, either. I’m an amateur who enjoys snapping beautiful or interesting images and posting them on my photo blog. But to answer your question, I started to become interested in photography as a way to relax and observe what’s out there. It’s a hobby that I just one day decided to pick up. I started my photo blog – Alexis Assadi’s Pictures – and committed to posting weekly.

I’m fortunate to travel relatively frequently and visit new places, so there are endless opportunities to take nice pictures. I also live in British Columbia, Canada, which sits by the Pacific Ocean and is home to plenty of nature and greenery.

What is your goal for Alexis Assadi’s Pictures?

Honestly, I have little in mind for the photo blog besides posting on it consistently. I purposely chose to host it on a domain that I own, rather than on Pinterest, Instagram or Flickr, so that I wouldn’t think about how many people like or follow my pictures. Alexis Assadi’s Pictures is a personal project that exists for me to unwind and encourage an appreciation for what’s out there in the world. If people happen to stumble across it and like what they see – that’s great. But it’s not my intention to grow the site into any sort of business.

Could you envision switching from an iPhone to a professional camera?

It’s doubtful. It’s not practical for me because I don’t want to carry around a camera wherever I go. I take my pictures spontaneously. Moreover, think about the improvement in quality of pictures taken via phones. I remember having a small cell phone at the end of high school that could take photos, but they were grainy and unclear. That was less than 20 years ago. Today you can take excellent-quality pictures with a high resolution just from your smartphone. So, my guess is that smartphones will catch up with professional cameras in a matter of years.

Do you use any editing software?

Yes, I edit my pictures using Google Photos. I try not to alter the images too much, though. Sometimes they just need to be sharpened or touched up a little bit.

What do you like photographing the most?

I take a lot of pictures of nature, water and mountains. Once in a while I’ll come across something interesting in the heart of downtown Vancouver, too. But the point of my photography is to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, so I end up focussing on more relaxing scenes by default.

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