How to Light Rooms Correctly

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The correct lighting for rooms is fundamental from every point of view. It is not a simple element of decoration, because the lights in addition to meeting a basic need, especially during the nights, are able to completely change the style of a space and even have a psychological effect.

Planning the lighting of our spaces translates into important variables such as energy efficiency, productivity and quality of life. That is why we must pay special attention.

Designing a light proposal for a room is to understand, in the first place, that lighting a space does not mean the same as lighting it, since the latter is simply placing light in a dark space, but without taking care of so many other details that are vital.

It is impressive, but a well-lit place is able to improve even our mood, because it is the perfect combination between the organization of the elements and the influence of light on objects and on us.

For these and many other reasons, when we are in the process of designing home lighting, we understand that we must study some things. The first thing is to define what activities are going to be carried out in each room: reading, rest, meetings, among others.

The types of Light According to the Designers

As it is important to listen to experts in the field, here is the classification of the types of lights, according to the criteria of interior designers:

  • Direct: when the light source is directed to a specific surface.
  • Semi-direct: they are the ones that filter and the shadows they generate are not hard.
  • Hint: when the light bounces.

When we talk about the ideal lighting for a rest room or small living room Crystal Chandeliers Incs is best for illuminates, the appropriate thing is a general light that can be through a hanging ceiling lamp, which is visually light, that does not claim prominence and that integrates perfectly with the rest Furniture.

If your intention is to generate a much more comfortable and warm environment, especially to receive guests and talk quietly, it is worth betting on secondary lighting that provides less intensity with a floor lamp with a screen that diffuses the light considerably.

One advice on the dining room is to try to prioritize the light that will be on the guests. But at this point there is a trick that you must learn, because although the table has to be very well lit to eat at ease, the light can not bother people. The ideal is then several points of light with low lumens.

Another quite attractive alternative for the dining room, the living room or other space are the self-adhesive led tapes, which can be placed on the shelves, in the kitchen furniture, also in the bathrooms and that are even resistant to outdoor spaces. The purpose of these lights is basically to create a nice complement.

On the other hand, the general light is suitable for the master bedroom and its location is usually right in the center of the ceiling; The most suitable for this space is a lamp that generates very little or no shade, so that it does not bother.

And if you need something to read or do another activity while in bed, opt for an arm lamp that allows you to direct the focus or also share the light. For the dressing room or walking closet, the recommendation is, in addition to the general light, two points of light on each side of a large mirror, to stylize the figure.

If it is a youth bedroom, a general light is convenient, which will be complemented by a desk lamp with a regulator that allows you to define the intensity and color.

A final consideration is to see the light not only as something that illuminates a particular space, but as a useful tool to reinforce all the elements of a space and to achieve the environment

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