How to Choose a Guitar for Your Kid

Welcome to the world of small guitars – when you are looking for a right sized guitar for your kid, it has to be the best acoustic guitar for beginners and also for kids because toddlers are more sophisticated as beginners (maybe electric guitar also if your child already knows the acoustic guitar basics). In this article, you will find plenty of information, tips on buying a guitar for your kid, travel guitar, toy guitar, and a ukulele. In addition, we are developing teaching materials to learn to play a guitar and ukulele.

You want to buy the first guitar for your kid and you would like it to be at its size and taste? If it starts, it is preferable that his instrument pleases him from the beginning so that he can continue later. Fortunately, for some time, children’s guitars are no longer just toys. The manufacturers have adapted the guitars for adults for reduced templates that sometimes sound very good! Here are some important issues and factors to consider for choosing a good guitar for your child.

Choosing a Guitar for Children

The focus of the article is primarily on children’s guitars, that is to say, tips for finding the right guitar according to the age and needs of your child. Also, you are presented with the right instruments for the little ones.

Depending on the age and size of your child, you have to finish the right side of the guitar. You must know the musical taste of his child to know whether to buy a classical guitar, a folk guitar or an electric guitar. In most cases, a classical guitar with nylon strings is better because it is easier to play. Nevertheless, older children may insist on having an electric guitar or folk because they dominate pop music.

After buying a guitar for a child, and before learning the guitar, there are several methods to learn the guitar, and we discuss what is best for what age. Buying a children’s guitar book is also a good idea at the beginning – of course, as long as your daughter or son already knows how to read. In this way, you can see if the child is motivated enough before paying for a guitar lesson. If you are a teacher or your child learns the guitar autonomously, we would like to offer more and more materials for this, for example, child-friendly chord charts or sheet music and tablatures for children.

Types of Guitar

By starting guitar lessons with, your child’s teacher will probably advise him to start on classical guitar. And he is probably right. With the classic model, the nylon strings are more pleasant under the fingers. The neck is shorter than a folk guitar, and the boxes are wider. It will, therefore, be more comfortable for your child to position his hand. The strings of the folk guitar are made of steel and can form painful calluses on the fingers of a beginner child. For all these reasons, children’s folk guitar models are harder to find than simple classical guitars. In contrast, the folk guitar will produce a more pop, country sound that could further please your child.

Both models of acoustic guitars are a perfect choice. However, a child does not necessarily have distinct and stable musical tastes. Ask him if he would like to play pop, rock, or variety. Have several models tested in-store or with friends’ guitarists? The idea is to help him find a comfortable guitar that matches his musical inspirations to motivate him to progress from the beginning! If you want more clues about the differences between classical guitar and folk guitar, come here.

He can just as quickly start with the electric guitar. There is no guitar of choice to begin. So if you think he will be more motivated to learn the guitar with an electric, to play rock, for example, it can be a solution. Besides, to prevent your child from deafening to your length of time, the amplifier of the electric guitar is equipped with volume control or even better: a plug to connect a headset!

In contrast, small electric models are even rarer and usually come back more expensive than acoustic guitars, especially with the purchase of an amplifier also.

The age and size of the child

Depending on the age and size of your child, several guitar formats will affect the size and depth of the body and the length of the neck.

  • The 1/4 format: For children from 4 to 6 years and from 100 to 115 cm

  • The size 1/2: For children from 5 to 9 years of 115 to 135 cm

  • 3/4 size: For children 9 to 12 years old from 137 to 145 cm

  • From 12 years and over, if it is over 155 cm, your child can have a 4/4 adult guitar.

These sizes are only indicative of course; your child may be more comfortable with the size above or below. Given that a child grows much too fast in general, it is wise to choose the size above, so that the guitar serves him longer.

Here is more information on guitar sizes.

The tastes of the child

Nothing like a beautiful guitar to motivate your child to play. Regarding colors and patterns, let it choose! Color rarely affects the price. Many brands offer acoustic guitars of different colors and different models for children. You’re spoiled for choice: Yamaha, Fender, Gibson, Rogue, etc.

Look on the internet for reviews and guitar demonstrations that will appeal to your child budding guitarist.

Also, your choice of kid’s guitar will depend on the budget you are considering as well as the motivation for learning that you will read in the eyes of your child. You will generally put between $50 and $600 for a suitable guitar of small size depending on the brand and the quality of the instrument. It’s useless to spend more on a study guitar that will only serve a few years. To get an idea, check out our range of kid guitars.

If you have more questions about the choice of guitar, you will appreciate his other articles:

Travel Guitar

You might be thinking, why I am writing about travel friendly guitar in an article that talks about babies and kids. Well, the reason is, a kid friendly guitar is not only is suitable for kids but also friendly to carry as they are small in length. These guitars can very useful for travelers and also for a digital nomad who also has a passion about music.

Thanks to musicians such as Ed Sheeran and John Mayer, who regularly use a travel guitar during their concerts, this mini guitar is becoming more and more popular among guitarists. They convinced us that even with a small guitar, you do not have to give up the excellent sound quality.

A travel guitar is not only stylish but especially super practical. You can take it everywhere on vacation because it usually goes into the cabin of an airplane and does not take much space in the trunk of a car.

At the time, children’s guitars were used for travel. Today, there are many, but there are real travel guitars that are reduced to a minimal size having excellent sound at the same time. The Yamaha manufacturer has even created a new type of guitar that has the shape and size of a ukulele: the Guitalele.

Toy Guitar

A guitar is not always the best option for every child. Buying a little guitar for a child is useless if it is still too young or not mature enough. The instrument is too heavy, and learning will be too difficult for toddlers. That’s why it’s better to buy a toy guitar.

There are good toy guitars that can entertain young children and have a good introduction. The child can get used to the shape and the main functions of a guitar and get motivated, all ready for the real instrument. There are even toy guitars for babies.


The ukulele belongs to plucked string instruments and brings a lot to a guitar because of its similar proportions. At first glance, we could say it’s a mini guitar. However, when we look at this small instrument closer, we will quickly see that it has only four strings instead of six strings. When we hit the instrument, we will also notice that the tuning is very different from that of his big brother.

It would be a shame not to have a section of this beautiful instrument on a site that is small guitars. Find all the information you need in our beginner ukulele guide. Soon, more and more articles on ukuleles will be published. A guitarist will never replace his guitar with a ukulele, but yet every guitarist has once in his life the desire to discover this little instrument. The sound of a ukulele is a dream vacation. She is small enough to put her in a backpack and leave with her on the page.

It is also an ideal instrument for children since it is very light and not at all challenging to play. On the contrary, some agreements ask a must. You have to be careful not to buy a ukulele toy because it does not hold well the tuning that prevents the learning and enjoyment of each beginner.

If you are looking for a ukulele vintage style, I advise you to watch the banjoleles, they are not very well known at the time, but they have a lovely sound. Basically, a ukulele banjo is a combination of the neck of a ukulele with the body of a banjo.

Parlor Guitar

Apparently, most guitarists do not know this type of guitar, but at the time, it was the best-selling guitar in the United States. For years the guitar parlor is on the return to the world of guitars. With its charm and small size, it is an ideal travel guitar and even for all lovers of guitars who wish to have a perfect vintage guitar.

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