How Spotify Is Making Young Artists Grow

There is no doubt the music industry is evolving rapidly. It has become a new venture with opportunities never seen before.

Today, streaming music has become invaluable. Steaming platforms like SoundCloud, Youtube, and BandCamp have given artists easy access to the market. They have leveled the playing ground for both up-and-coming and veterans in the music industry.

Above all, Spotify remains the number one music streaming platform in the world. With it, streaming has become the savior that the music realm has been yearning for.

Why is Spotify an asset for up-and-coming?

In many cases, however, when talking about music, many people will be referring to music rights holders, record labels and booking agents. They forget that behind these beautiful albums are artists who have struggled to give them the entertainment they deserve. Where are the artists and songwriters? This question has often remained totally different, bringing out uncertain answers from different fans.

And that is why Spotify is a vital tool for them. The numbers are starting to look better as the platform itself a more valuable resource to the industry. According to George Ergatoudis, a new member of the Spotify family, the platform has democratized the universe. He argues that this is a large gate that is open for artists to grow and make their work know to the world.

Anyone who has been on the platform will agree that building an audience and engaging fans has become easier than ever. Independent artists have an opportunity to find success directly without relying on the radio, which is limited to time.

Note, however, that Spotify is not like other streaming services like YouTube and Instagram, where one can upload for free. With Spotify, one has to use a third party to help them gain more. It is the biggest music streaming platform and therefore offers unlimited chances to those who are aggressive.

Young artists, fame and Spotify

The younger generation is technology dependent. They are well too familiar with and perhaps too attached to the internet world. And for young artistes, therefore, nothing is more satisfying than using technology to spread their music.

Spotify is, without a doubt, a haven for them. The platform has recently introduced a new wave of RISE which focuses on new and upcoming artists. The programs give fans a glimpse of the inside life of the artists, highlighting their strongest points.

Every two weeks, Spotify sheds light on four emerging artists. Through the program, the platform can connect the artists with fans across all genres. They share unique stories, which you start seeing on many promoted playlists and editorial channels.  

Every young artist can make it on the platform just as long as they are aggressive enough. It offers a life-time opportunity for them. Here are stories from a few who have made it:

Rex Orange County

Rex Orange County - Sunflower

Rex Orange County is similar to the English music legend Alex O’Conner. He has found a way of blending words and elements of different music genres to produce the most amazing songs. O’Conner studied music during his teenage years at BRIT School. He used sweeping alternative pop songs to bring up a glimpse into his teenage life, which excites every teenager.

Rex, on the other hand, is a teenager like no other. His second album, Apricot Princess, was released in April. His story has gained interest from different entities across the globe, thanks to Spotify.

Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith - The One

Jorja Smiths attributes her success to names like Lauryn, Hill, Alicia Keys, and Rihanna, who she says is her inspiration. She is an English R&B singer/songwriter who has received a lot of influence from Spotify streaming. She has released several singles since 2016, which have interested high-profile entities like Kanye West, Young Thug, and Travis Scott. She has seen the best days of her carrier, rating her among great musicians in the world.

How to get famous on Spotify

As much as Spotify is a great music streaming platform, it is up to the artist to decide to grow. Here are a few tips that can get you there:

1. Get your music on Spotify

The first step of getting famous with Spotify is to appear on the platform. It seems pretty obvious but needs to show up. Unfortunately, Spotify is not like SoundCloud, YouTube, or BandCamp, where you just hit the upload button, and your music is shared.

Spotify is a subscription service that does not allow free sharing. In many cases, the label handle of the artist takes care of the distribution. But things are different for independent, unsigned acts in which a third-party like TuneCore or DistroKid is necessary. They will get your songs onto the platform. You will be required to pay a small subscription fee, but it will be worth the effort once you get recognized.

2. Use other platforms as well

Even though Spotify is the largest streaming service, you should not put all your focus on it. Every expert will tell you that spreading your music as far as possible can be a significant boost to your carrier. Since the internet has opened uncountable doors to exposure, you should let it help you get the word to the world.

3. Engage influencers

Music bloggers and journalists are incredible influencers. As a new artist, you may not land a write-up with significant publications like Rolling Stone. But many smaller publications can set you on the right road.

4. Put your music on playlists

Spotify is like an SEO tool for your carrier. Its in-house curation is said to be ‘democratic.’ The system chooses what to display depending on how well it is resonating with listeners. They get tips from labels and managers. The easiest way to get your work on the platform is, therefore, by building your playlists.

5. Using Spotify Metrics

The Spotify for Artists dashboard that was set up recently breaks down demographic information for listeners. This and other Spotify Analytics has been a massive help for both small and significant artists in decision making, especially for tour planning.

Spotify has gone further to simplify the process of verifying artists’ profiles. They no longer have to reach 250 followers but rather receive automatic verification once they are approved. With such help, young artists have the best opportunity to let the world know them.

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