Common types of car accidents

Car accidents have become a significant concern for any driver. Accidents do not only depend on the type of vehicle or temperament of the driver, but also the geography of the location. The type of weather, and the time of the day. Moreover, in the kind and quality of the road. Sometimes accidents occur just because of the construction and quality of the way, for example, a damaged speed breaker, or a pothole. Here are a few types of car accidents occurring every day around the globe.

  1. Rear-end collisions:

Rear-end collisions are the most common sort of accidents.  According to figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rear-end collisions accounted for more than forty percent of the accidents. The type of disaster when it occurs when a car hits the other vehicle from behind is known as rear-end collision. These type of accidents mostly occur in close-packed traffic or during rush hours. Rear-end collisions cause considerable damage to the back of the vehicle that got hit as well as substantial damage to the car that does the hitting. Rear-end collisions can also result in injuries to both the driver and passengers. It can lead to causing a cascading pattern, as one car that is hit might hit the next car in line at the front of that car and so on.

  1. Intersections:

An intersection occurs when a driver is trying to get his / her vehicle through a yellow light. And driver in the opposite direction is making a left turn at the same time. These collisions are called T-Bone collisions by some because the impact between the vehicles forms the letter “T.” These can be hazardous accidents, mainly if there are passengers on the left side of the turning vehicle, and because drivers are attempting to make a light before it changes, often traveling at high speed. They can also be very dangerous for passengers in older cars that lack side airbags.

  1. Single vehicle:

These type of collisions involve a solo car crashing into an abiotic object on the side of the road, for example, a fire hydrant, a pole, a bus-stop, or the traffic lights. Single vehicle accidents usually occur due to lack of focus of the driver, a cell-phone call, or late-night drunk driving. These circumstances lead to serious charges and physical damage and even death in a lot of cases.

  1. Low-speed collisions:

Low-speed collisions are not as fatal as described above, but they can still lead to severe car damage. The low crash is the term used for accident instances when, for example, a biker backs into a car in a parking lot or heavy traffic. Small collision accidents occur more than all of the accident types described above, even as you are reading this article. It can be caused by either the stupidity of the driver or impatient biker trying to find a way out of the traffic. It can also be caused due to inexperience of the driver or a passer-by.

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