8 Cruelty-Free Brands to Keep You Beautiful without Any Side Effects

Finding safe makeup is challenging because some of them are cruelty products. You have to be selective to get clean beauty or cruelty free brands.

It means that the brands are formulated makeup products without any toxic ingredients. The good news is that you can still find cruelty-free makeup brands that make you look more beautiful than before. Try Nutritional Cleanse for a beautiful skin and body.

Urban Decay 

Urban Decay is one of the most popular makeup brands for women who want to find a high-quality eyeshadow. The manufacturer is formulating the ingredients and producing edgy, bold, buttery, and vibrant eyeshadow. The products are also suitable for oily skin women. This brand is supported by Leaping Bunny certification and it shows that the product is cruelty-free.


This brand is designed for lipstick lovers. The brand offers a variety of lip colors whether for a natural glow or high-impact nighttime looks. So, Smashbox is recommended makeup because it is one of the cruelty free brands.

Even, the manufacturer no longer sells its products in China since 2017 in which it is legal to sell cosmetics made of animals in the country. It shows that Smashbox is seriously keeping their products cruelty-free.


It is one of the makeup brands that easily find in drugstores, hypermarkets, grocery stores. The product is formulated for all skin types as well as makeup styles. There are two most popular products which are Tru Blend Foundation and Professional Waterproof Mascara.

Another good thing about Covergirl is that it is a cruelty-free makeup brand. The product has the Leaping Bunny certification and even adding Leaping Bunny logo on its packaging. Because of that, customers are not worried to buy and use this product.

Bare Minerals 

Bare Minerals makeup is made of mineral and without any toxic chemicals. It is claimed that it is okay to sleep without cleaning the makeup. Bare Minerals offers a variety of makeup products such as foundation, blushes, lipsticks, eyeshadow as well as skincare products.

It seems that the product is a good option for busy women who are too tired to clean up their makeup. They can just sleep with the makeup and clean it up when waking up. This product is certified by PETA to show that it is cruelty-free.


This beauty product is suitable for women who want to look beautiful without spending extra money. The price of the product is affordable enough along with good quality just like popular beauty products. Indeed, e.l.f is great for those who need to buy makeup on a budget.

The most important thing, it is safe enough to use. This product has PETA certification and listed on the cruelty-free makeup brand.


Glossier is another cruelty-free beauty product. It is good makeup to make you look fresh and minimalist. By applying this product, your face looks natural and dewy. You don’t need to worry because Glossier is safe to use and it is formulated without any animal ingredient.


Milani comes with a variety of beauty products including eyeshadow, baked blushes, eyeshadow primer, lipstick, eye pencils, as well as liquid eyeliner. Milani lipstick is one of the best products because it is pigmented and long-lasting.

You can easily buy this product in the drugstore. Besides offering high-quality beauty products, Milani also offers products with a variety of bold and natural colors. The price is also affordable so you don’t need to spend extra money only to look fresh, beautiful, and natural. This product got Leaping Bunny certification since 2014 and also cruelty-free.


If you want to find high-quality makeup brushes, foundation, and lipstick, Stila is one of the answers. The eyeliner is formulated to make your eye looks sexy, smoky, and sharper than before.

Moreover, the lipsticks are offering something gorgeous and last longer. Now, this product has been approved and certified by PETA and included one of the cruelty-free brands.

From this information, you know that there are still a lot of makeup options that safe to use. The manufacturers have a strong commitment to being cruelty free brands without losing its quality.

Most of them are easy to find whether in drugstores, supermarkets, or hypermarkets and sold at an affordable price. As a result, you can use makeup without worrying about anything and bad side effects because those products are using non-toxic ingredients.

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