How to Find and Choose Workers Comp Doctors: A Helpful Guide

Getting injured on the job is hard enough. Now you are navigating the world of worker’s compensation rules and regulations. And don’t forget all the paperwork.

The most important thing to you is getting better. But you also want to be compensated for the injury you experienced. You want your medical bills covered and payment for any time you missed work.

Finding a good worker’s comp doctor is key to not only getting better but also getting the appropriate worker’s compensation for your injury. Read on to learn about how to find the best worker’s comp doctors for your injury.

Finding the Best Doctor Who Does Workers Compensation Cases

Not all doctors will deal with worker’s comp cases. You want to find one who will not only give you quality care but also understands the nuances of the process.

Here are some tips for finding the best workers comp doctor:

  • Find a doctor who understands and works with your kind of injury.
  • The worker’s comp doctor understands the claim process and paperwork.
  • The doctor is willing to accept the payment schedule associated with the worker’s comp cases.
  • The doctor is willing to complete the reports needed on your condition for the insurance.

Of course, finding a doctor who is available to meet your care needs is important too.

Doctor Selection For Your Care and Case

The laws for worker’s compensation vary from state to state. The also holds true for doctor selection related to your case. It is important to use the right doctor or your case may be denied by the insurance company.

If you need emergency care, then the rules are slightly different. In that scenario, you can seek medical care from the nearest emergency room.

If, however, you are seeking care in a nonemergency situation, seeing the right doctor is key to your case.

Doctor Selection by Employee

In some states, New York, Illinois, and Texas, for example, the employee can select their own doctor. This allows you to find a doctor who you feel comfortable with for your care and one can guide you through the case.

If your employer has a managed care plan or provider plan, then you may still have to see the doctor that is part of the plan.

Some states allow you to select your own doctor. But you need to notify your employer, perhaps through the human resources department, that in the event of a work-related injury, you would want to see your own physician for care.

Doctor Selection By Employer

Many states require you to see the employer selected doctor for care if you have a work-related injury that might become a worker’s compensation case.

Some states require you to see the employer doctor for the first visit, then to seek your own doctor for additional care. There is often a concern when seeing the employer’s doctor, that they might have a bias for the employer. The way to avoid this potential conflict of interest is to see your own approved doctor if possible under the rules of your state.

Find A Worker’s Comp Doctor

Worker’s compensation cases require you to know your rights and to follow the rules carefully if you want to seek compensation. Part of that process is making sure you see a doctor that is approved. Your employer should be able to provide you with the rules for which doctor to see.

Find the best worker’s comp doctor for your case by asking questions and making sure you understand the process too.

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