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The first question which pops up in our head is, what does green living mean? Going green is a term used by many, but very few people have the right understanding of green living. Green living is a lifestyle; that helps to conserve the environment, bring balance in the preservation of mother earth in every possible way. Green living helps to preserve the earth’s resources, habitats, communities, and biodiversity.

According to the EPA Environmental protection agency, green living is about making sustainable choices about what we eat, how we travel, what we use, and what we dispose of, and its effects on the environment. We can be careful and implement in our daily life to protect the environment; our clear choices can create a sustainable lifestyle. Earth is our shelter; it depends on us how we treat our home; our everyday decisions make an impact on the environment.

Green living also involves a lifestyle that sustains a healthy environment, whether it is your home, workplace, or the whole planet. You can contribute by making green choices in many fields of life for example,

  • Nutrition

  • Health care

  • Food

  • Buildings

  • How we travel

  • The appliances we use

  • Energy consumption

  • Waste disposal

  • Packing and decorating material

  • Cleaning supplies

You can make green choices like

  • Using renewable energy resources

  • Recycling the recyclable materials

  • Less use of plastic

  • Driving fuel-efficient vehicles

  • Using natural ingredients

We will tell you about the green living guy, who is an enthusiast of green living. Seth Leitman is the Green Living Guy ®, a Gree Guru, Social Media expert, and electric car Expert. He Runs Drive Electric Hudson Valley, NY. Been on Regis and Kelly and Have four TV Segments, videos on the website. He is a sustainability PR consultant, ECO consultant, and professional speaker. He reviews green cars, and he also discusses green vehicles. His love for a green living allowed him to conduct many interviews with movie giants on Radio and his blogs. He also invites other green life consultants to talk about climate change and global warming.

Seth Leitman has also got Tesla solar and two Tesla power walls. He is a great author; he has published nine books known as Green Guru Guides along with McGraw Hill. Mr. Leitman is also the manager for Drive Electric Hudson Valley in New York. He is always promoting green living on all his social media platforms. Mr. Leitman enjoys his work, and it shows on his Radio and TV appearances. NYC even asked him to do four tv segments for Earth Month. They are on his website.

He has an active blog as well, where he posts everything about sustainability and Eco-friendly lifestyle. Green Living guy also consults on social media. Many people are taking to Seth Leitman’s lectures to learn more about sustainable living, he is an incredible speaker as well, and he delivers excellent talks about green life. He provides excellent speeches, and people take his help to become the green gurus for the future.

To know more about green living and the green living guy Seth Leitman you can check his blogs and his interviews. You can find different videos about his work on his website www.greenlivingguy.com.

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