The Best Banana Bread Recipes

Most people associate pastries with something unhealthy, though banana bread is the one to refute this allegation. It’s one of the American most cherished backing recipes prepared of the very affordable products so that even the newbie in the kitchen could freely deal it.

Despite its naming, the banana bread is more like a banana muffin. Nutritious, crunchy from the outside and soaked inside. To eat for breakfast or serve with tea as dessert, it pairs nicely with a little butter spread on a slice of bread.

Some prefer green bananas, but in desserts, the most appropriate to use ripe and even overripe ones. A banana dainty is a scrumptious, hearty snack, as well as an excellent source of potassium and B6. Anyone must have noticed how the mood increased after eating this fruit. Moreover, they keep your nerves and body strong, improve brain operation, and are highly recommended to be included in the daily diet when practice active physical training.

Sometimes before fell in love with cooking, the only banana-based recipe people tried concerned the homemade face masks. They truly couldn’t even imagine the existence of banana bread and that its taste will be so delicious! But after any happy accident, say, having visited one of the kitchens of the local confectionery, they may wonder ‘if they can, why can’t I’? And so decide to try this challenge. This is exactly the way, how through trial and error, by the irreplaceable notices of wonderful acolytes from the culinary world, were discovered some perfect banana bread recipes:

The healthy banana power

As mentioned above, the stereotype of pastries hazard is sometimes completely false. When trying this healthy banana bread recipe, you’ll see it yourself.

These yellow fruits include many antioxidants, enhance immune defense, and activate dopamine production. They are a source of pure energy – carbohydrates. High levels of potassium and magnesium are also beneficial for the cardiovascular system. The ripest brown bananas include the high sugar level, which facilitates their absorption. But one of the most useful things in this recipe, as shown in practice, lies in its simplicity and time saving, respectively. The preparation process takes only about 15 mins, and everything that saves our time affects our mood in a really healthy way! If have the same approach, then this banana bread is just a lifesaver.

How to prepare the main banana ingredient properly

Bananas should be very mushy, which is overripe. This is exactly the case when over is better than less. Nice option when there are bananas in the kitchen that have not yet spoiled but have already darkened. This is exactly what we need! If there are none at home, just buy them at the store and leave to ripen for a couple of days.

Why exactly overripe bananas? Firstly, the taste is brighter. And secondly, we’re going to mash them. For convenience, use a blender, or mash it with a fork to a homogenous consistency, which is very easy to do.

What is the dough basically made of

Given ingredients are used identically in both of the above-mentioned recipes:

  • banana (preferably ripe, but if you doesn’t have same, ordinary ones will be no less okay, just add more sugar or even honey to balance the taste)
  • sugar (culinary people noted that brown sugar complements the banana flavor more interestingly, but conventional sugar will fit as well)
  • butter (the fragrant, soft and indispensable ingredient of any baking)
  • egg (the basic recipe is not about experiment with replacing standard chicken eggs with, for example, quail eggs, but if you prefer, then why not)
  • flour (the whole success of baking depends on this ingredient since the proportions in the recipe change on its variety and quality; most often is used ordinary flour for baking, but it turns out no less delicious with whole grain and gluten-free flour)
  • baking powder (1-2 tablespoons, as a rule)
  • supplementation (optionally, add nuts, raisins, dried apricots, candied fruits, crystals of salted caramel, lemon zest, etc.)

As you can see, nothing supernatural and expensive. Almost a standard set for making muffins and pies, though it turns out a rather aristocratic breakfast. The dough for this pâtisserie should be kneaded by the Muffin Method. Use a rectangular baking dish. Preparation usually takes about 70 mins and when it’s ready, the top of the cake is brown. By the way, if you do not have the desired dish shape, it is quite possible to cook this dessert in common paper muffin molds. In this case, 20-25 minutes will be enough for baking.

How to extend the shelf life of banana bread

Homemade pastries are stale faster because they lack the stabilizers that are always present in the store bread. But this issue is easily solved by simply freezing. So here we go:

  • After the bread has been baked and cooled, cut it into separate slices.
  • Depending on the size of the further used freezer, use a suitable storage container (food-friendly container, baking sheet). Place parchment paper, plastic wrap or foil between each layer of bread pieces. Parchment will not let the bread sticking to the baking sheet, and pieces placed in one layer will not stick together as well.
  • Close the container with banana bread slices tightly, mark the date, and place it to the freezer. Store up to 4 months.

In practice, this is an incredibly convenient option since there is no need to defrost all the bread every time, but just the needed amount, while its freshness is preserved like just taken out of the oven! Get as many slices of bread as you plan to eat. Let them thaw at room temperature (to warm up, the bread will take a little longer than usual), if preferred, heat them using kitchen appliances, like toaster or microwave.

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