The 10 Best Sports for Kids — and How to Find the Right One for Your Child

Every year, 40 million children become involved in organized sports.

As a parent, you may want to get your child involved in sports so they get rid of their extra energy. But, there are many other benefits of participating in organized sports. Young athletes learn to socialize, work as a team, and overcome difficulties, among a plethora of other hidden benefits.

But are certain sports better than others? Keep reading to learn about the best sports for kids and how to find out which one is best for your child.

  1. Soccer

The United States has more children playing soccer than the other countries who frequently take home the Wolrd Cup. Why? Soccer is a great sport for both the athletic and the less-athletic children to enjoy.

If you have a child that loves to run, they’ll enjoy playing the forward position and chasing the ball down the field. If they love to kick, they can be a defender and keep the ball away from the goal. Or, as a goalie, they can stay in once spot and prevent the other team from scoring.

  1. Basketball

Basketball is great for those children who seem to have an endless supply of energy. They’ll get to spend the whole game or practice running, dribbling, and shooting with other players.

The rules of basketball are pretty simple and the game is easily modified to children of different age groups. This makes it a great game to get involved with at a young age and children can keep playing as they grow in age and skill.

  1. Baseball

Baseball is one of the good sports for kids who live life in short bursts of energy. Instead of spending a whole game running around, baseball is a strategic sport that concentrates on skill.

Each position in baseball is different, so regardless of whether your child is a pitcher or outfielder, there’s a place for them on the team. If your child needs to strengthen their teamwork abilities, baseball will force them to learn to work together with other players. Search for kid’s baseball kit and reviews on The Baseball Stop.

  1. Tennis

If your child prefers to participate in things alone, they should try their hand at tennis.

As an introvert, getting your child to talk to others and socialize can be a challenge. But with tennis, each child plays on their own side of the court and competes against one other child at a time. This allows them to feel like they’re alone while easing them into a social situation.

  1. Dance

Do you have a child that seems less than thrilled with participating in sports? Maybe you have a daughter who thinks that sports are for boys. Or maybe you have a son that loves music and has a sense of rhythm.

For many children, dance is the perfect sport.

In dance, children learn how to control their body’s movements and memorize routines. They can dance solo or with a troop depending on what situation they excel in. This article discusses more reasons why dance should be your child’s first sport.

  1. Gymnastics

Like dance, gymnastics is often seen as a sports option for the less athletically-inclined children. But even though you aren’t running up and down a court, gymnastics is still a sport that takes a lot of skill and movement.

With gymnastics, children focus on their flexibility and moving their bodies in new ways. What starts out as cartwheels and somersaults, quickly progresses to balance beam routines and handsprings.

  1. Martial Arts

Karate. Taekwondo. Judo. These are all forms of martial arts that are great for children of all ages to learn.

With martial arts, children learn to control their energy — both body and mind. As they gain more control over themselves, they’ll learn how to use their energy as strength in a positive manner.

On top of learning control and discipline, children will also improve their hand-eye coordination.

  1. Swimming

If your child is going to be around pools or bodies of water throughout their life, get them involved in swimming as soon as possible.

As a young child, learning how to swim can literally save their life — not many sports can say that. As they grow older, they’ll learn different strokes and improve their technique and speed.

Swimming is great because you participate on a team, but your performance is solely your own. You get both the social aspects of a team sport while also retaining the independent aspects of working by yourself.

  1. Golf

Golf is another one of the sport options great for the introverted, quiet children.

As a golfer, your child can either play on their own focusing on their skill or compete against other players. Regardless of who they play with, their performance is dependent on their own actions and skill.

Ther rules and etiquette of golf will help teach your child discipline and respect, all while competing in a fun way.

  1. Cheerleading

Cheerleading is a great option for children who try to avoid any involvement in other sports.

Like gymnastics or dancing, this sport is all about controlling your body and memorizing rhythmic routines. Cheerleaders pair movements to music, to motivate fans at sporting events.

As a parent, you can get two drastically different children participating in something at the same time. Your son can play on the basketball court while your daughter is cheering courtside.

Deciding Between the Best Sports for Kids

Now you know the best sports for kids, but which one is right for your child?

First, start by asking your child what sport they want to participate in. Look at their group of friends and see what sports they’re participating in. Then, once they start playing, make sure to always encourage them and to keep the activity fun, not a chore or a requirement.

Odds are, your child will be involved in several different sports throughout their life. Don’t be afraid to sign them up for something new and don’t be upset if they don’t show interest.

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