INTERVIEW: Danielle Bradley

Welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I’ve been great, thank you so much for having me!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single Tsunami?

When I wrote Tsunami, I was in this place of anger and confusion with all the things going on in my life- relationships, myself, school, family, friends, etc. I didn’t know how to communicate that to others because all the people that I would usually go to for advice or a listening ear were the ones that I was confused and angry with. I sat down in my dorm, and I started to get so flustered in my own head that I had to write something just so I could get some sort of feeling of release from my own emotions. After that, it was pure word vomit. All of my feelings were all written down and after reading through it all, I wasn’t angry in a harsh way. It was more of a “you think this way, so I’m going to do it the other way”, “you think I can’t do this, so I’m going to do it 10x better than you ever thought”. I wanted to create a song that turns all of that frustration into empowerment, and so the idea and lyrics behind Tsunami were born.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

It wasn’t necessarily one event in particular. It was a cluster of events that slowly built up over time. For example, I had many close friends in college that I found out were spreading completely false and impossible rumors about me to big groups of people, and it would ruin my reputation before I had the chance to meet any of those people. My relationship at the time was very confusing, and toxic on both ends and I didn’t know why I was acting the way I was or why they were doing the things they did. I had been told by teachers and peers that there was no way I could pursue a career in music because I didn’t have the talent or because it would be too hard, and I just didn’t have the work ethic. They didn’t believe in me, so I decided to believe in myself. I took all of those things, factored them into my decision, and used it to better myself as a person, instead of dwelling on all of it and letting those people get in the way of doing and achieving what I want to attain for my life.

How was the recording and writing process?

Writing has always been something that comes naturally to me. I wrote the chorus to this song in about 15 minutes because I knew what I wanted to say. The tricky part was finding the lyrics for the verse because the chorus is such a high power point of the song that I wanted the verse melody to support the chorus, but the lyrics to be equally as empowering. And after I had the first line down of the verse, it all came together from there. As far as recording, it was very difficult for me because I am a perfectionist .The idea of letting someone completely take control of the music and instrumentals was unsettling to me. Tsunami was recorded on the second day of recording, so by then it was a lot easier for me to get through because I had gotten familiar with the studio, and the producer. Tsunami was probably the most fun to record because the whole time the producer and I had been bouncing ideas off of one another and Tsunami became what it is today.

What role does Naples Florida play in your music?

Naples, Florida is a small, but beautiful place. The atmosphere and the town are simply lovely. It’s not hard to get inspired from simple things. Naples is charming, but it comes with a price. Naples is a wonderful place, but it is so small. It’s somewhat of a double-edged sword. I went to a very small school. My graduating class had 58 people. It wasn’t hard to make a name for yourself or earn a reputation there, good or bad. I was the girl that everyone hated in middle school, and then became the girl that likes to sing. But it wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to create, I wanted to write, and I wanted everything that I had to say to be heard. Small schools are nice, but everyone knows your business, everyone can be very fake and two-faced, and honestly the whole environment of my school and the town I lived in are one of the biggest influencers for my writing because of all of the ridiculous experiences I had, and because of all of the fake people I had to see on a daily basis. However, there is a decent amount of people that still support me and I have been blessed to meet them. They have helped Tsunami get to where it is now, and I will always be incredibly grateful for that!

How has Sia and One Republic influenced your writing?

Whenever I listen to Sia, I can’t just listen to the song as a whole. I pay attention to her lyrics, how she sings, and how it all goes together. I kind of get lost when I listen to her because her voice and style are so unique that I can’t turn it off. I want my music to make people feel something and I want people to pay attention to what I have to say. It’s hard to think of an artist that has the capability, in such a unique way, to make you listen completely voluntarily. As for OneRepublic, I listened to them growing up. They have always been my favorite band. As a kid, I liked them because I liked how their songs sounded and made me feel when I listened to them. But now, I admire the song writing and the parallels that they include in all of their songs. I’d honestly consider their songs to be so universal and so relevant in a writing aspect and music aspect which is hard to do.

Any plans to hit the road?

There aren’t any plans yet. I do hope that I will be given an opportunity to reach people in more intimate or performance settings, but it has not been offered or brought up thus far. I just need to work harder, market better, and make it happen.

What else is happening next in Dani Bradley World?

Since Tsunami, my life has been about marketing the songs I made. I actually just came out with another song on Apple Music and Spotify called “Ice-Cold Lies”. This song is my favorite one yet, and I sincerely hope that people will take a second to listen to it! After Ice-Cold Lies, there are two other songs to be released. Until the time comes for those songs to be dropped, I will still be writing and working on new songs that will hopefully come out one day!

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