Blog Niches with Low Competition in 2020

When most people think of blogging, they often gravitate towards ideas like the creation of content around a topic that they enjoy and opens paths to monetisation. The chosen niche can be saturated with a lot of bloggers, while others have information that barely scrapes the ground. Research indicates that some of the most profitable niches in blogging are not nearly competitive even though one can hardly go wrong with the content they put out if it passes as factual. With 2020 coming at us fast, let’s look at some of the blog niches to consider due to low competition.


The gambling business is a multibillion-dollar business in regions that have invested in it as an essential pillar of the entertainment business. In the United Kingdom, where the casino niche is thriving more than ever, the industry claims the most significant slice of the country’s overall revenue with numbers going over 14.4 billion pounds. Even so, not enough bloggers pay attention to marketing the business, which makes it a tap of gold. Some websites, such as are succeeding in the domain, but there is room for a lot more content creation.


Search Engine Optimization – abbreviated as SEO – is a vital tool for all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Each of these platforms provides primary search results that are ranked according to how relevant they consider the provided information will be to users. Even though these spaces are used by millions nearly every day, not many people fully understand the mechanics of SEO to optimise their content to rank high. Although there is information on SEO on the web, a lot more is required to understand its inner workings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some blog posts, especially those that focus on topics of e-commerce, include an FAQ section, but the niche that concentrates entirely on providing answers is scarcely explored. Frequently Asked Questions serve as a vital resource for thousands despite the topics one chooses to focus on, from recipes to slots. This golden blogging niche is often fished by Google’s algorithm, which makes it come with the promise of high rankings. Nonetheless, do not be surprised if people proceed to ask the same questions even after you have answered them.

Social Media Marketing

It seems like everyone is on a social media platform of some sort nowadays such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. However, most people use the platforms for entertainment, while the business front of the spaces is left to a few. You’ll be surprised to know that thousands of companies have yet to grasp the gem, which is social media.

Social media marketing, and known as SMM, comes in to bridge this gap and teach such firms about the world of such platforms. Focus on how they can post ads and make them friendly to their target market. You can even take it a step further than just blogging and start a social media marketing agency where you run accounts for some of the companies.

Precious Metals

Precious stones like diamonds, sapphires, gold, and rubies have always been of high value, and they continue to appreciate as time goes by. In the current world of financial uncertainty, a lot of people are looking to diversify in their investments to minimise the risk of losing a large portion of their wealth. The precious metal investment topic, however, is only lightly touched online, which makes it an ideal blogging target for 2020.

Personal Finance

A large portion of the population struggles with managing their finances, but the topic is not widely delved into online. With this blogging content, you could rise the ranks fast by teaching people how to do it. Try and focus on issues that are affecting the people today such as whether they should purchase or lease a home, take a loan, and how they can improve their credit score.

Dating for Seniors

The web is home to a plethora of dating blog sites, but not enough of them are focused on the senior population. With high rates of divorce and washed down image of the marriage institution, more older people are turning to online dating. You can use such a blogging site as an affiliate marketing tool, considering most seniors have stable finances in comparison to younger generations. Additionally, they will only keep increasing as the years go by.


Mother nature is a wonder to behold with her ability to support human life and those of many other species. However, she had been known to turn angry from time to time, leaving destruction in her wake. Since such cases are here to stay, people are continually seeking knowledge on how to survive disasters, and you can line up among those that provide advice on how to do so.

In Brief

Nearly every niche of blogging is open to new content that shares fresh information with the world. Those listed above are those that do not see as much focus as others despite being gold mines.

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