8 Tips to Promote Your Website For Free

Creating a website is a very smooth job when it is compared with website marketing. Promoting a website and finding clients is the most difficult task, but when you get specialized in it, you will easily find clients and companies. Most of the companies in this world sacrifice a huge amount of money for the promotion of their brand or company, most of the money is used for advertising, which plays a crucial role to promote a brand. If you don’t have that much capital to balance the supply of the good and advertising simultaneously, then you must follow these few tips, as it shows how to promote your website by investing very little:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO, one of the best ways to get rankings on Google. SEO is for everyone, but the foremost thing that judges your article is your content, the fluidity of your content, links referred to in the content, etc. The most important part of your content are the keywords, without keywords, SEO work gets very difficult. Keywords are the way to get your website identified easily, when it is found by the search engine. For better SEO, all you need is good vocabulary and writing skills, if you have these qualities, then you are halfway done.

Guest Blogging

Content is everything you need! Guest blogging is the other type of animal with which you could play. Blog posts, podcasts, videos, etc. are all forms of guest blogging. All you need to do is to follow the content creation rules and keep that in mind that the companies you approach have clients who are your target audience. Many companies get positive reviews when they work with the guest blogging agenda.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the marketing strategies which attracts people to join your email list, and eventually, they become your customers. To attract people, the standard email account will not work at all, because managing an email list with hundreds of people will get very tiresome, as well as difficult. To solve this problem, you must use a licensed software to maintain the list. Email marketing consists of blogs and podcasts too, but you can also use videos and other sorts of digital software to make it look intellectual and attractive.

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, social media is used so often that people have become obsessed with it. If you are living in this modern era, be grateful, as it can help you to promote your business and it is also very helpful in certain ways. Stop using Instagram and Facebook for posting stories and images, start using it productively. If you are too busy with all the other tasks, hire a few specialized people, and make your private social media marketing agency for office. Never use social media just for posting your brand images or videos, try to engage with your target customers too. Tag different companies in your post, have a deeper connection with your clients or customers. Always use updated techniques, it captures attention.


When starting a business, contacts are very important to gain more fan following. Contacts can help you reach to a very higher stage. The same is the case with collaborations, once you collaborate with a company, you will get to know each other very nicely, and your business terms will get better too. Always keep in mind that do not collaborate with your opponent, even though you have better connections, avoid it. Finding collaborators is not that difficult, use Facebook, from 2.23 billion+ people you will find a company for sure.

PR and Influencers

Non-celebrity influencers are easily found on YouTube, or Facebook, or Snapchat, etc. Contact these influencers, even pay them, but the effect it will do to your marketing status will be unimaginable. People nowadays, listen to non-celebrity influencers more than the celebrity ones, so try to contact them, maybe your request gets accepted. The other thing you could do is talk with people who write blogs and articles, ask them if they could mention your company’s name and a description of your product in their next content, give it a try for sure.

Focus on the Quality

Quality for every blog is very important, the more clarity there is, the more engaging your article will be. An article with 1000+ words would be very boring, but when the content is gripping, you will get excited to read each line. Quality never comes with quantity, lesser words also create masterpieces, whilst thousands of words do not even make sense some times. So always focus on the quality

Social Forums and Communities

Beyond social networking sites, there are certain social forums and communities too. If you want to promote your website through these channels, answer questions on Quora or you can start a new series of forums on Reddit, etc. The sole purpose of these kinds of forums and communities is promotion and advertising. It is a great platform to convey your brand amongst your target audience.

Follow these tips and see the magic!

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