8 Most Popular Shoe Brands of All Time

Have you ever had a pair of shoes that you loved so much that you wore them until they were in threads?

Everyone has an opinion on who makes the best shoes, but some companies jump out when it comes to quality and durability.

Some of these companies are old and some are just beginning to grow in the ranks. However, not just anyone can make a name for themselves in the shoe industry.

Which footwear companies have claimed the titles of most popular shoe brands? Keep reading below to learn about 8 of them!

The Most Popular Shoe Brands of All Time

Whether it’s because of their design, logo, or comfort level, some shoe brands are just more timeless than others. These 8 shoe brands inspire amateur designers and continue to reign supreme in the footwear industry!


Everyone is familiar with the Nike Swoosh symbol. Its logo alone has a worth of $26 billion. The company’s name stems from Nike, the Greek goddess of victory.

As the most valuable brand in the sports business industry, we’d agree that they’ve been pretty victorious in making a name for themselves as one of the most popular shoe brands in the world!

Dr Martens

Docs have been around since the 1940s and were created by a German army doctor, who found the typical military boots were too uncomfortable with an ankle injury he had.

Dr Martens have become a staple for edgy fashion enthusiasts everywhere. If you’re looking for a reliable boot that you can pair with any outfit, Docs are the way to go.


Crocs have such a unique design, that they will forever remain one of the most popular shoe brands.

Their uncommon design, reminiscent of swiss cheese, pushes function and comfort over style.


If you step into any high school, you’ll probably find yourself surrounded by a sea of students in Converse.

These shoes remain a reliable every-day choice for youth, and their popular All Star design is a classic that we doubt will go away any time soon!


Adidas has its roots in developing spiked athletic shoes. Now, athletes and non-athletes alike sport the shoes.

The Adidas Superstar design has risen as a fashion trend in the past few years, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a teen who doesn’t have a pair.


Toms grew from the “Shoes for Tomorrow Project”, and its name is just a shortened version of the word “tomorrow”.

While Toms has expanded to selling other things like glasses and bags, their iconic shoes make them one of the most popular shoe brands of all time.


Sketchers began simply making utility-style boots and skate shoes, but they are now known for their extensive collection of athletic shoes.

Sketchers works to partner with celebrities, which means we probably won’t see them disappearing for a long time.


Vans feature a simple design that people can easily turn to when they’re searching for a casual shoe.

Vans have become synonymous with skater fashion. So as long as skateboarding is alive and well, we suspect Vans will be too.

One Step Ahead

While there will always be a new shoe brand catching people’s eye, these 8 popular shoe brands have claimed titles as some of the most iconic shoe brands of all time, whether is for athletes or they are shoes for overweight people. Whether you own a pair or not, you’re sure to recognize their names or classic styles on the street! You may also look at Stadium Goods BAPE Apparel

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