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10 Fun Things to 3D Print with a Handheld 3D Printer

The number one use for 3D printing has been to create prototypes.

Other things that people use 3D printing for are for marketing, education, art, and hobbies.

There is no limit as to what these machines can print. So the question is, what will you do with yours?

Continue reading to discover fun things to 3D print so that you can get the most from your machine.

1. Food

Do you have a 3D handheld scanner and an appetite?

If so, you’re in luck. One of the most fun things to create with your 3D printer is food. Spray cheese had been tested with these printers, along with chocolate. Other popular items that people like to print are candy, cereal, and even quiches!

2. Bathing Suits

If you are looking for a well-built and waterproof bathing suit to enjoy the water in, it’s time to go to the 3D printer.

One company was able to create the material from a printer, which is rather difficult. Nylon 12 is used to create bikinis that are cute and comfy. The nylon is put together by creating beads that connect.

3. Tools

Have you ever been working on a project only to realize that you are missing a tool?

When it comes to create Tools with 3D printing there are so many brands in market. So, Best Creality 3d printers  are the solution for Building Tools via 3d Printing. With the help of a 3D printer, you can print small power drills and hand tools. This can help save you a lot of time and get projects done on time. You shouldn’t have to run to the home improvement store for every repair.

If you need door hinges, you can also print them out!

4. Small Race Car

If you need speed and a 3D printer, you are all set to create mini versions of race cars.

One 3D printer can make race cars so small that they are the width of a hair follicle. You’ll need a microscope with this printer but you can also print average-sized toy cars as well.

5. Robots

As the world is becoming more digital, robots are becoming more popular.

3D printed robots can be useful and help around the house. They can keep you on track and some can even climb on walls! Most robots can handle rough grounds that have rocks and sand.

6. 3D Printer

Can you believe it, a 3D printer can print another 3D printer?!

These printers can replicate themselves, but assembly is required. The machine can print sections of the printer out at a time that then need to be put together manually.

Having a backup 3D printer may not be all that hard if you’re up for putting it in one piece. Who knows, you might end up getting and printing minis. You may also find some cheap 3D printer under 300 on ReplicatorWarehouse.

7. Instruments

When people think about printers, they often don’t think about music as well.

But with the advances in technology, 3D printers can create musical instruments. These instruments work just as well as the real deal and can be designed with unique features.

Use your 3D printer to help get you to the first chair!

8. Makeup

Are you interested in cosmetics?

One of the best things to use your 3D printer for is creating makeup. You can customize your makeup to whatever color combination you want. Instead of spending money on makeup that you don’t fully use, make your palate match your needs!

9. Magnetic Flower Vase

If you’ve been online lately you may have noticed that magnetic flower vases are trending.

You can use your 3D printer to create a small vase for a small bunch of flowers. You can place these magnets on the wall, fridge, or even filing cabinets! Don’t be afraid to make these vases for work.

Just be aware, once you start making them— friends and family will ask for one too!

10. Fidget Toys

If you suffer from anxiety and stress, or just have a lot of energy, printing a fidget toy is recommended.

These toys have different levers, colors, twists, and turns that will help keep your hands busy. If you are having a long day at work and need time to go by quickly, printing these toys are the best solution.

How Do They Work?

The future is here and the ability to print physical items, not just words on paper, is available!

Before starting your fun things to 3D print you should first understand how the printer works. 3D printing works by stacking layers of liquid to create a physical object. The substance hardens as it dries and then you continue pouring more layers.

For a 3D printer to work, you must have a CAD. This is a computer-aided design that creates the shape and size of your printed objects.

As technology is advancing, people are testing out other methods for 3D printing as well.

Fun Things to 3D Print with Your New Device

If you are looking for fun things to 3D print, this is the ultimate guide.

Once you have a 3D printer in front of you, the ideas may overwhelm you and leave your mind blank. Utilizing this guide can put you on track to creating the coolest things with your printer.

If you get hungry, the best to do is create food with your 3D printer. You can make quiches for breakfast and candies for dessert. This is the ultimate sous chef to have if you work in the kitchen.

Makeup and fidget toys are other useful and fun things to make. You can customize them both to your likings. Those of you that tend to break items may want to consider printing another 3D printer for backup.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when creating items with your printer!

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