What you should know about the royalty-free sample pack company Samplified

Finding royalty-free music samples for professional use can be daunting. Samplified has over 20 years’ experience providing a wide range of royalty free sample packs and custom sound design to add drums to your commercial jingles, include extra base in a band’s recording, or to mix with the background music for a real estate walkthrough video.

A Variety of Royalty-Free Samples

New music producers or anyone that aspires to produce music professionally can start with Samplified’s completely free to use royalty-free sample packs. Doing so will to help determine the right sample to purchase to go along with their work. Complete packages include loops, one-shots, MIDIs, and presets.

The sample’s loops play continuously without the cracks or pops that other recordings may have which can reduce the quality of your song or album. One-shots are interesting samples that are an excellent addition to any production and they are great tools for aspiring producers to mix and play with while fine-tuning their craft. These allow record and video producers to create their own sound effects, such as bringing in a brass ensemble or adding drum loops to recording in minutes with professional studio quality.

A musical instrument digital interface or MIDI for short hooks into a computer, certain instruments, and can record through digital audio workstation (DAW) software. Samplified offers MIDI chord progressions and melodies to inspire producers and help them create amazing musical sequences. Preset samples assist with different tones and can playback through most DAW devices and software packages.

Who Uses Royalty Free Samples?

Samplified employees a full, in-house engineering staff that includes award-winning sound designers, producers, and songwriters to compose high-quality sample packs. Singers, songwriters, and music groups work with record producers to create recordings of songs, music videos, and entire albums. They use samples with different options to complete their recordings, such as adding a drumbeat in the middle of a composition or incorporate a wind ensemble at the end of a sequence. These sounds help improve recordings without the hassle or expense of hiring additional artists or finding a string quartet for your album at the last minute.

Ableton-The Digital Audio Workstation for New Producers

New sound production artists need a digital audio workstation (DAW) to create quality music. These allow production specialists to complete all audio editing and compilations on one device, which produces high-quality content in a shorter time. Ableton offers the ideal solution for new users to start getting the feel for producing music with Live, Push, and Link, and many established musicians, artists, and producers around the world also use Ableton’s top software to create amazing music and sound. These have built-in synthesizers to help manipulate sounds at any experience level, from beginners to professionals with decades of experience, as well as tools that allow users to create their own music without instruments. With Ableton, you can incorporate Samplified’s royalty-free sounds with tunes you develop and mold it into a masterpiece of your own creation.

The software allows you to take loops, melodies, MIDI chord progressions, one-shots, and sound effects and create music and other sounds for videos, songs, albums, and any productions that need introductions, backgrounds, or closings with sound. Ableton’s software is compatible with most third-party plug-ins and Samplifies’ royalty-free samples and it provides plug-ins and access to built-in devices and sample libraries. The company’s Link software allows producers to link musical instruments with DAWs and samples.

Rules for Royalty-Free Samples

Understanding how royalties work helps producers save money, time, and avoid legal problems. Samplified provides royalty-free copy that you can use for personal or commercial reasons. However, these can not be used on their own or as stand-alone music and sound effects. They are only royalty-free for use in combination with other sounds.

For example, producers can take the Samplified hip hop drum beat and mix it with another sample of acoustic guitar chords to add to the background of an album you’re producing or you can take the different instrumental collections and add them together to the intro for a commercial for an interesting sound. But it’s not legal to take the acoustic guitar chords and loops and add incorporate them as the only music in your album.

Consumers that can’t decide on one selection should consider trying Samplified’s totally free, royalty-free samples that offer a peek at all what the full, premium packages offer. These are shorter loops, sound effects, and sample songs that can help you find solutions to all your sound needs.

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