How to Make Your Beard Softer with Products

According to an estimate around 55 percent of men have some kind of facial hair.  Whether you have just started to grow out a beard for the first time or you’ve been living with one for years, taking proper care of your facial hair is vital. Your beard can easily become coarse, rough, and dried out. This can also mean the health of your skin has become compromised if you are not cleaning and caring for your beard effectively. For the best results, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Proper Cleaning

  • Wash with specialized shampoos specifically for use on beards and try to find those using natural ingredients that are good for your skin, providing nourishment and softening both the skin and the hair.

  • Pay attention to the other soaps and Black Beard Products you may be using on your hair or face, as these will also affect the softness of your beard. Avoid alcohol-based products as it dries skin and hair.

  • While you are washing your beard, give it a good massage to improve circulation and encourage hair growth.

  • Apply conditioner the same way you would with your hair, unless you are using a beard shampoo which has a high percentage of oils.

  • Whether you choose to towel-dry, air-dry, or blow-dry your beard, remember to be gentle with it. Going to bed with a wet beard also guarantees it will messy and unruly in the morning here..

Step 2: Hydration

  • Oils are particularly helpful for anyone living in a colder climate or regularly using hard water. These conditions can be harsh on your skin and lead to dehydration and rough hair. Apply oils on a regular basis to trigger hair growth and heal damaged split ends. This also protects the hair from dryness and frizziness. Always apply to dry hair, to ensure the oils are spread evenly and undiluted. You’ll simply need to apply a few drops to your hands and massage your beard, working toward the roots.

  • If your beard is not only a little dry and rough but also messy and difficult to tame, consider beard balms instead of beard oils. These balms are essentially a combination between the healing, moisturizing properties of oils and the holding properties of styling wax, giving you an overall healthy, well-groomed looking beard. As with oils, always apply to dry hair, unless instructed otherwise by the particular product. It is perfectly fine to apply oil to your beard before you go to bed but applying a balm may mean you’ll wake up with some strange shapes due to its holding properties.

  • Always apply oils, balms, and waxes to a freshly cleaned beard so your skin can absorb the nourishing ingredients and to avoid clogging your pores, which will lead to other skin problems.

Step 3: Brushes and Combs

  • Investing in a high-quality beard brush is one of the simplest ways to improve the health and appearance of your beard. It can be particularly useful in keeping your hair clean and clear from impurities if you don’t wash it fully every day. You can choose to use it as a standalone fix to tidy and soften up your beard as needed, or in tandem with whichever oils or balms you use. By brushing the oils through your beard, you can ensure it is properly distributed throughout the hair.

  • Opt for a boar bristle brush rather than plastic, as it has a massaging effect which can increase blood flow.

Make sure you do your research before buying products for use on this sensitive area of your skin and use them as directed. If you can work out a routine that works for you – and, more importantly, stick to it – you’ll be able to effortlessly maintain  a soft, healthy beard and clear, moisturized skin.

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