10 Creative Real Estate Listing Techniques That Appeal to Buyers

Are you looking to boost your real estate marketing results?

You always want to sell a home quickly and as close to the asking price as possible. But the market moves so fast, it can be difficult to know how to prevent your listings from getting lost in the crowd.

Don’t worry! Read on for 10 creative real estate marketing tips.

  1. Have Strong MLS Listing Descriptions

Most people find your listings via an MLS or multiple listing service. You want to write descriptions that will immediately grab people’s attention. Include the most important features while using descriptive language.

Also, include photos of the property’s most unique and appealing features. Use exciting, non-traditional angles to stand out from the crowd. This is especially key when marketing to first time buyers – click here to find out more.

  1. Optimize Listing Campaigns

If you’re looking to get the attention of qualified buyers via search engines, you’ll need to research your keywords. You want to try to accurately predict what buyers will be typing into that search bar.

Once you’ve found these keywords and phrases, include them in your landing pages. Also, make sure you’re including them in your written content.

3) Go the Extra Mile With Your Listing Photos

Make sure your images are as high-quality as possible. Clue up on the key secrets of pulling off great real estate shots – like when to use natural or artificial light. It’s important that you keep your photos consistent across the board.

There’s nothing stopping you from shooting your own. But for the best results, you should hire a real estate photography. You can tell them the look you’re after, and they can then edit the photos to perfection.

4) Showcase High Priority Listings on Your Home Page

It’s often the case that people will first visit your website and take a quick look and the listings there. This is where first impressions come into play, and they decide if you’d be able to help them find their dream home.

You should make the most of this first opportunity. Showcase your priority listings on your homepage where they’ll be seen first.

5) Use Email to Reach Inboxes

Email is still a strong way of generating leads when it comes to real estate listings. Use a punchy subject line to draw their attention.

Make sure you put together a template that will provide people a stunning preview of the listing. Include key details like location and key features as well as a gorgeous picture. Then use a call to action that invites them to contact you, either by replying, visiting your website or filling out a form.

6) Capture Lead Info by Creating Special Landing Pages

A key tactic in generating leads it to grab lead information via your landing page. You should aim to captivate your audience on your landing page with videos or great photos.

You also want to detail what makes the property unique and worth consideration. This information should be more detailed than your listing text. Then ask leads to contact you by filling out a simple form to get their information.

7) Use Descriptive Blog Posts with Your Marketing Listings

It’s not easy to be creative when you’re fighting for word space. For more creative freedom, make a blog post to add to your listing’s information. It will also help add a more in-depth experience for your leads.

Make sure your format uses a key balance of graphics and text. You want to educate your leads as well as improve your SEO value. If you pump out, great, quality relevant content, it will also help keep your leads engaged.

8) Host Great Open Houses

Hosting an open house event is a great way to generate lead traffic for that listing. It will also allow you to make a face-to-face impression as well as gather lead information.

Advertise both offline via mailers, newspapers and so on. But don’t forget to market well online too via newsletters and social media for example. Make sure to stage the home. Remove any clutter and personal items – creating an open and inviting space.

Use a capture form before the event to get names of those who are interested. On the day, use an open-house sign-in sheet to capture the details of those who did attend.

9) Make Striking Videos

If you’re looking to draw in potential buyers, a real estate video really sucks them in. Virtual tours let you be more creative and you can use a variety of interesting angles. You can also set the mood with things like background music.

Real estate videos create an all-around experience for potential buyers. This is something you can do yourself, but for the best results, a videographer would be a good idea.

10) Leverage Social Media

You can use social media in a whole host of ways to boost your listing marketing. Here are some platform-based examples:


Create a board for your listing where you can pin photos of the property. You can follow this up with pinned tips, resources and articles to draw attention. For example, you could pin local attractions or school reviews.


Use Facebook by creating an event for your open houses and invite your followers to respond and share it. You can also create an album for photos of your listings.

Make sure to link to your site and include descriptions on each photo and the album as a whole. There is so much you can do here with Facebook!


Instagram’s professional photo filters allow you to create amazing listing photos people will fall in love with. Start using it by creating your business account and linking it with your Facebook friends.

Be descriptive with your posts – Instagram has a fun vibe, so no business-talk. Keep it fun, fresh and funky to engage with audiences.

Always include your website link in your bio, and encourage viewers to click on it to see more. Hashtags are key, so make sure to use local and generic hashtags to broaden your reach.

Creative Real Estate Marketing Doesn’t Have to be Hard

So there you have it! Follow these 10 technics to creative real estate marketing, you’ll see almost immediate results.

Use current social media trends to your advantage. Make sure your photos and videos are engaging and high-quality. You should also pay attention to SEO ranking and keyword optimization to ensure you aren’t lost in a sea of competition.

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