How Advanced Essay Writing Skills Can Help You Get a Dream Job

Heart-wrenching romances and triumphant legends have captivated people’s hearts for centuries. Great civilizations of old engineered mundane history into thrilling sequels of their time. To the ancient Egyptians, writing served as a record of communication to their many gods and deity. In the east, the Chinese used elegant calligraphy to create sacred texts and portray the history of their advanced culture. Furthermore, Mayan cultures harnessed the power of speech to create a calendar able to accurately predict positions of stars hundreds of years before their time, but where lies the connection between ancient scrolls and modern laptops? Why does writing continue to have major impacts on the developing world? The answers can be found through an inspection of Amanda Parker’s experiences who has written a dozen of synthesis essay outlines regarding academic literacy and their applicability to achieving your dream job.

Literacy is used in music, poetry, and misunderstood by millions. Music, in its most captivating form, thrills many people. There are many people who love to hear the swoops and slides of a trombone, the subtle sounds of an orchestra, and the harmonies of a choir. People learn to love the way that the words of a song slither down willing ears of listeners. Music changes the people’s lives allowing them to once more appreciate the written language and the impact that it has. Music works people into frenzies and then soothes them to tears with the plea of the descant melody. It has been realized that when the poetry of the line was coupled with highs and lows, it spoke to the soul. Music teaches people that when you want something and have the desire to achieve it, anything is possible. However, without the Mayans’ advanced technology, many people are too lost in the world to shoot for the stars. The tools they lack are essay writing skills.

Writing is creative and fluid. Understanding writing practices and writing formats, and how they can be functionally arranged in sentences can provide meaningful tension, insert opinions, and display everything you have to offer. To receive the honor of your dream job, you have to stand out and make a lasting memory in the reader’s mind. When they look at your paper, they should realize why you would make a better candidate than the other applications, based on creative approaches to identifying strengths in character and experience. When formulating your applications, and honing your skills, it’s important to cite sources, create analogies, and follow essay guidelines. Failure to correctly cite sources, especially in essays and book summaries, and taking credit for other’s information is classified as plagiarism and discredits your application.

When writing, following the following steps can increase writing competency and claim your distant dreams from the stars.

1) Make an outline. Knowing what arguments you plan on using and avoiding before transferring the words onto the paper. Outlines help to provide structure and allow the essay to flow smoothly when read.

2) Acquire a concrete understanding of grammar, style, and punctuation that you can implement throughout the essay.

3) Choose appropriate vocabulary. Word choice helps to prove your competency to the readers as you develop complex arguments with supporting descriptions.

4) Understand what you are arguing for. Knowing your side of the argument is very important, however, understanding the other side and referencing their counterclaim contributes worlds of credibility to your name.

5) Craft a conclusion that directly supports your thesis and main points within your essay. This helps to create feelings of completeness for the reader as they near the end of the paper.

In conclusion, literacy in the form of poetry, music, and written works helps to persuade readers and listeners to one opinion or another, and when understood can help achieve your dream job. This is done through an understanding of sentence structure, development of metaphors, and patterns. If these steps are followed and mastered, the impossible becomes possible. Reaching out to mentors and teachers can help develop stronger essays and bring your dream job into your waiting arms.

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