5 Best Kickstarter Press Release Distribution Services

Press releases can be an important way to improve the effectiveness of any Kickstarter campaign. For any crowdfunding project, it’s imperative to get the word out to as many people as possible so that you can meet your funding goals. And that’s exactly what press releases enable you to do – for a relatively low cost, they enable you to reach the types of journalists, influencers and bloggers who can really make the difference in the eventual success of any Kickstarter campaign. Even better, the top press release distribution services are optimized for search, social media and mobile, enabling just about anyone from across the web can find your new crowdfunding project.

Below, we’ve ranked the 5 best Kickstarter press release distribution services. Since most Kickstarter projects are still pre-revenue and are being launched by innovators with limited financial resources, we’ve assigned extra weight to those press release distribution services that provide the biggest bang for the buck. In addition, since the goal of using these press release distribution services is getting earned media for your new Kickstarter project, we’ve also ranked these services on how well they can perform in terms of prominent placements on high-profile media websites. With that in mind, here are the 5 best Kickstarter PR distribution services

  1. NewswireNEXT.com

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NewswireNEXT.com is a relatively new entrant into the world of press release distribution services, but has already attracted a lot of attention from some high-profile media websites. For example, NewswireNEXT.com was named “Best Press Release Distribution Service” on Today, Reuters and the Huffington Post. What makes NewswireNEXT.com really standout is its emphasis on guaranteed maximum media pickup.

When you add in the price – just $49 for the basic package (and no membership fees required) – it’s an unbeatable combination of high-profile media coverage for a bargain price. For that $49, you get distribution to 300+ authoritative online news sites, including Digital Journal, distribution to financial feeds, and listing within Google News, Bing News, Baidu and Yahoo Search Engine.

However, if you want your PR to get syndicated across premium FOX NBC CBS ABC affiliate TV Station sites, you need to upgrade to their Standard $99.

  1. PRWeb.com

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Used by over 30,000 organizations around the world, PR Web has become one of the favorite go-to destinations for companies looking to get the word out about their products or services. Now that PR Web is part of the Cision group of services, the expectation is that companies signing up for the press release distribution service will also sign up for extra offerings like Cision Communications Cloud. For that reason, PR Web is a very option for social media experts, marketing professionals, and PR professionals – but may be too much for the average innovator or entrepreneur trying to gain momentum for a Kickstarter project.

In terms of pricing, PR Web tries to make things as simple, effective and affordable as possible. With the Basic package, you get access to search listings within Google, Yahoo and Bing, as well as permanent hosting on PRWeb.com. However, in order to get syndicated across hundreds of partner sites (and not just on PRWeb.com), you need to upgrade to the much pricier Standard package ($189).

  1. eReleases.com

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With over 20 years of experience in the PR industry, eReleases has proved its worth and effectiveness over a long period of time. The core offering of eReleases is a custom U.S. national PR newswire distribution service that includes the AP News Network. Overall, eReleases can syndicate out to over 4,200 websites, databases and online services. One big selling point of eReleases is the fact that the service is very much focused around reaching actual journalists who can write about your new product or service, rather than just blasting out your press release to as many sources as possible.

In fact, eReleases says that over 100,000 journalists (including some from Bloomberg, CNN Money and The Wall Street Journal) subscribe to the service. The lowest-priced offering (BuzzBuilder) is $299. For that price, you can get your press release distributed via the custom national distribution network and more than 60 media sites. For greater distribution, though, you will need to upgrade to Newsmaker ($399) or PR Pro ($499).

  1. PRNewswire.com

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PR Newswire is part of the same Cision family of services that includes Cision IR (Investor Relations) and Cision Communications Cloud. A major selling point for PR Newswire is just how extensive distribution for your new Kickstarter project can be – the service can distribute to 4,000 websites; 3,000 media outlets; and 550 news content systems. In addition, PR Newswire has built relationships with 39,000 journalists and over 9,000 media organizations.

However, in order to unlock the full distribution power of the service, you need to sign up for membership and integrate the core press release distribution offering with the other monitoring, measurement and communications tools.

  1. MarketersMEDIA.com

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For entrepreneurs and small business owners, MarketersMEDIA makes it easy o find an attractively priced tier of press release distribution services. For example, there are different tiers for Premium ($99), Extended ($159) and Extended Plus ($189). MarketersMEDIA distributes to a number of high-profile media sites like Reuters, AP, CBS, NBC and Fox. And the company also does a great job on its website of highlighting case studies and user scenarios.

For example, in one case, a single press release led to 1,700+ website visits and over $1,600 worth of CPC value. If you’re trying to accelerate growth at a relatively affordable price, MarketersMEDIA is a proven way to get your company noticed by journalists within very specific industry verticals.

Final Words

If you’re running a Kickstarter campaign, all five of these best press release distribution services offers a very viable way to gain media attention and generate online buzz for your new product. Taking into account both pricing and overall guaranteed media reach, the best overall option is NewswireNEXT. The service has a stellar track record for placements, and is one of the only services reviewed that specifically mentioned its mobile-friendly PR options. Getting the word out for a new product or service has never been easier or more affordable.

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