As with every year the top movies of the year are usually saved for the back half of the year. For example: Star Wars, The Irishman, and Uncut Gems are all thought to be caliber of awards this year. One more title should be thrown into that mix though and that is Knives Out. 

Going into the movie, there were plenty of positive reviews and enthusiasm towards the Rian Johnson directed flick, but those do not always mean the movie is as good as advertised. However, Knives Out is everything you want in a movie and then some. The movie has multiple legs to stand on with a strong mix of witty banter, humor, thrilling curveballs, and perfectly scripted characters. This movie flat-out rocks.

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Going a little deeper though, the best part of the movie was the acting and performance by the two main characters in the story: Ana de Armas as Marta Cabrera, and Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc. Both characters absolutely nail it. Both steal the show every time they are on screen or share it. Blanc is a sleuth who has a keen attention to detail and de Armas is an unassuming home nurse who becomes a part of the Thrombey family. These two characters are one of the main reasons this movie absolutely rocks.

Furthering that point though, the entire cast was absolutely awesome. Every single character, part, and actor was perfectly written, performed, and portrayed. Everyone had a purpose and every character added a different aspect to the movie.

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Another really fun aspect of the movie when looking at characters is that we got to see Craig and Chris Evans in roles we really haven’t seen them in recently or at all. Both actors portrayed why they are so damn good at what they do, and really delivered the goods in this one.

Even with the characters though, the script still needs to be solid for a movie to shine. This script and writing is really solid. The movie is a little slow at the beginning, but by the end the beginning looks necessary for the final third of the movie to make sense. The characters are all shown in various lights to give you an idea of who stands where and why they are important, something that really pays dividends later in the movie.

Later in the movie we also get a really awesome payoff with a couple of turns that many are not expecting. The twists and turns along the way make the movie much more enjoyable because up until that point the movie seemed largely predictable and was barreling toward an expected and unsatisfying ending.


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This movie is a truly entertaining roller coaster ride from start to finish, with every detail accounted for and marking a truly important part of the movie. Rian Johnson delivers on a movie that should be fun for all different age groups, cinema fanatics, and casual movie-goers and by the end should leave no doubt that this movie will be in the running for a Best Picture award.

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