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6 factors that you should remember while buying a Vacuum machine

Getting the right vacuum can be difficult, especially with all the information available online. But that should not be the case; in this article, you will get a checklist of the things you need to consider while purchasing a vacuum.

These things will determine if you truly get the best vacuum for your buck. Features such as color are only relevant to those people who are cautious about décor. Here is a list of things that you should consider when buying a vacuum

Type of floor

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing any vacuum is the type of floor. It’s hard to get a vacuum cleaner that is suitable for all floor types. So, you should buy a vacuum that is specialized in dealing with your floor type.

Using a specialized vacuum, this makes it easy to maneuver and to work quickly underneath and around furniture. Some vacuums are equipped with a combination that you can simply switch to clean the floors effectively.

If you have a combination of both hard floors and carpeting, your style preference will guide you. However, you should check for convenience features such as height adjustment, on/off brush roll control, and suction control. Also, check whether brush roll is electrically powered or air-powered because this will affect the efficiency of deep-pile carpet cleaning.

Portability and storage

When looking for a vacuum, it is essential to consider the weight. You should not get a vacuum that you cannot push along the floor to take it upstairs.

 When you are shopping online, you can check product weight on the description. But if you are getting it from a local shop, you can test it by moving it around or lift it. So, get a vacuum that everyone in the house can use comfortably.

You should look for a vacuum that can be stored easily. You can search for those that have wall mounting to make it easier for you while storing them. Or you can get a compact one that you can easily tuck it away in a corner.

Vacuuming frequency

You should consider how often you vacuum your house. If your floor accumulates dirt quickly and you have to vacuum it daily when you have a vacuum that is difficult to access can make this activity a hard chore.

So you should consider getting an automatic vacuum such as Roomba Comparison that can be scheduled to clean while you are running some errands or at work. This way, you will return to a clean floor.

Allergies and Asthma

Vacuums are generally meant to improve health standards at your home, but it is essential to consider if there is anyone who has allergies or asthma.

If one of your family members has allergies, you should consider getting a vacuum that offers HEPA filtration. It will help to improve the quality of air in your house. They usually detain particulate matter down to 0.3 microns to ensure that air is cleaner than what was sucked.

Additionally, you can consider getting a vacuum that does not only use HEPA filters but does it in a completely sealed system. This means that there is no outflow of air through the housing of the machine, and all air goes through the filtration system. This will leave the air in your house, allergen-free.

Attachment tools

Apart from cleaning your floors, you need to clean other places such as shelves, mattresses, window seals, etc. Therefore you should purchase a vacuum that comes with different types of tools. Such tools are upholstery tool, crevice tool, dusting brush, extension wand, and hose attachment.


When you have the right plan and budget, you will always get the right vacuum for you. Vacuum prices vary from a few bucks to hundreds of dollars. You should know that the most expensive does not necessarily mean it is the best for your house. You should aim at getting a vacuum that suits you and is within your budget.


Whether you decide to go for Roomba Comparison or any other brand, the most important thing is that you get a vacuum that gets your work done as well as value for your money. Remember the five factors discussed above.

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