INTERVIEW: Pop Artist Sorana

Sorana is a pop artist who knows how important it is to find your own way as an artist.

At the start of her career in her native Romania, Sorana was offered a spot in a girl group being assembled by a major producer. As tempting as the offer was, she knew that she needed to explore her own songwriting rather than performing someone else’s work.

After striking out on her own, it didn’t take long for Sorana to sign on with Tileyard Music, which then led to song features and collaborations with some of the top artists of our time, from The Chainsmokers to Jason Derulo.

As if this wasn’t enough, Sorana also recently signed with APG/Atlantic, who have put her in touch with other top-tier talent. 

When Vents spoke with Sorana, she was already deeply immersed in the writing of her upcoming solo record. Sorana was able to take a short break to talk to us about her career up to this point as well as her thoughts on her latest project.   

We’d like to hear about some of your earliest music. How old were you when you started making songs? Did you record demos?

I’ve wanted to be a singer ever since I was three years old. I would sing ‘I Will Always Love You’ along with Whitney Houston, whose voice was blasting out of my childhood boombox. I didn’t want to be a songwriter at first, I just wanted to perform. Of course, that changed when I stepped into a studio for the first time.

I am mathematical person and, initially, I found it really challenging to start working with words, making sense of feelings and turning them into songs that people could relate to. Looking back, it was all worth it. There’s nothing better than writing your own songs and expressing your feelings in your own particular way, with your own words. To me, it’s the most powerful thing.

Can you tell us what it was like to collaborate with the Chainsmokers?

I always had a feeling that I would write a song for the Chainsmokers. It was something I hoped for ever since they released their first single.  I wrote ‘Take Away’ with my boyfriend at the time, and this was our breakup song.

The original demo was a duet we sang together over a piano track. When the song was finished I called my manager and asked him to only send it to The Chainsmokers. I knew it needed to be their song.

They loved the song and started working on the production side of things. I know they get so many songs pitched to them from the best songwriters in the world, and I am super grateful they loved, believed in, and chose to release mine. It feels amazing to be able to say that I wrote a song for one of the biggest acts in the world and it was amazing to share this song with the world through them. I hope we’ll get to collaborate more in the future.

Do you enjoy performing live? Do you ever feel nervous about your performances?

I love performing live and I am also absolutely nervous before I go on stage. I didn’t think you can feel one without the other. I just performed my song ‘ Lost Control ‘ with Alan Walker at  Spektrum in Oslo a few days ago so the memory of how it feels is really fresh in my mind.

I remember being in rehearsals before the show and all my nerves transformed into excitement. It feels amazing to be able to write my own music share and perform it in front of people who sing the lyrics with me.

I used to be introverted and very shy growing up and I think singing a song I wrote is the most intimate thing in the world, so the thought of being on stage used to terrify me, but the more I performed, the more I realized I needed to keep my head high and let people see who I really am.

What was it like being signed to a major label here in the United States? Has it influenced your work at all?

I think the most important thing is to be signed to the right label. APG/Atlantic is the label I’ve been waiting for. They first heard my songs in 2017 and soon after I started writing songs for their artists.

One of these songs, ‘Be The One’ was just released by Jason Derulo on his latest EP, 2Sides. I wrote the track and recorded vocals for the chorus.

I signed as an artist to APG/Atlantic and as a songwriter to APG publishing in May 2019. We’re currently developing my solo project and we will be releasing some of my own music in 2020. Simultaneously, I’m also writing for other artists signed to APG/Atlantic like Ava Max.

Who were three artists that had a significant impact on your development as a musician?

I generally focus on hit songs rather than artists, but one of the artists who really inspires me is Lana Del Rey. ‘Born to die’ is my go-to album, no matter what mood I’m in.

Some of my other favourites are Kanye West for his unique way of producing, Rihanna for her voice, attitude, and versatility, Lady Gaga for her bold fashion taste and amazing songs, and Prince for his endless swag and creativity.

The list could go on forever. I love to take inspiration from everything, and I admire every artist who has made a powerful statement with their music. I hope to do the same.

How long does it usually take you to finish a song?

I usually write every song in one or two days, tops, at least when it comes to the chords, melody, and lyrics.

But actually finishing a song can take months or sometimes years. Production is a very important part of the process and at the moment my label and I are working with a lot of producers on my songs to find the right vibe that represents me as an artist.

What’s your favorite aspect of working as a recording artist?

My favourite aspect of working as a recording artist is that I constantly get to learn something new. Being in the studio and writing songs is just the first part. Then comes finishing production on every song, picking the songs for the album, shooting music videos, promoting the song, and performing. There’s always a new challenge to face and that keeps things interesting.

Do you have any upcoming projects that you’re especially excited about?

Recently I’ve released a lot of features with artists like Alan Walker, Digital Farm Animals, Tujamo, Goldfish, and The Him.

But I’m super excited to release my own music. I’m currently working with my label on finishing these songs and the release should be ready sometime next year. It’s all so exciting, my dream came true.

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