5 Simple Tricks To Get Unhigh As Soon As Possible

Ever get a little too high and wish you could undo it with the simple press of a button? In reality, unfortunately, you have no choice but to wait it out. Regardless of what you do, there will be a period of gradual comedown as your body processes the THC, the same way your body needs time to metabolize alcohol when you have too much to drink. When taking edibles you have to be especially cautious not to get too high. They take longer to kick in, so if you’re eager to get stoned you may hastily overindulge and then feel the impact all at once. The effects of edibles also last much longer than the effects of smoking cannabis. 

Whether you smoked a little too much or jumped the gun and scarfed down three pot brownies in the span of an hour, here are five tips if you want to know how to get unhigh as soon as possible. 

1 – Stay Calm

While this may seem like a perfunctory warning it’s actually very important. If you get too panicky or frantic any subsequent tips will be useless to you. Getting too stoned can lead to anxious thoughts and a sense of paranoia. This sensation is sometimes referred to as ‘greening out’ but remember: all of this is happening in your mind. Since the beginning of time, there have been exactly zero reported cases of overdose by weed. So just take a deep breath and rest assured that all will be fine. 

2 – Get Hydrated 

After an evening of drinking, most people know it’s important to rehydrate by drinking plenty of water but you may be surprised to learn that the same rules apply when you get high. Some of the symptoms you associate with being too high, such as feeling very wobbly and disoriented, can be further aggravated by dehydration. Keep a glass of water in hand to alleviate the unpleasant combination of weed and dehydration. Be careful not to mix alcohol with cannabis as this will only accelerate your dehydration. 

3 – Take a Hot Bath & Cold Shower

For this tip, you will need to proceed with caution. If you find yourself so high that it’s hard to even stay upright without keeling over it’s certainly a bad idea to jump in the bathtub. But if you find yourself relatively stable, consider running yourself a hot bath. If you have Epsom Salts at home add a couple of cups to the tub and sit back, relax, and soak for about 20 minutes. After this, it’s time to shock your system by taking a cold shower. Only a few minutes under the cold stream are needed and you’ll feel significantly sobered up afterwards. 

4 – Grab A Snack

This advice is primarily based on hearsay and has no scientific evidence backing it but countless bonafide stoners swear that eating can speed up the comedown from a high. Some claim that nibbling on snacks such as fruit, nuts, cheese or black peppercorns can help while others prefer greasy foods such as burgers and fries. The claim is based on the belief that foods with high-fat content bind to cannabinoids, the chemical compound found in sativa plants, speeding up the metabolization process. It also purportedly redirects blood flow from your brain to your stomach, thus diminishing the psychoactive effects. 

5 – Catch Some Shuteye 

This tip doesn’t work if you’re trying to briskly sober up because there’s somewhere you need to be but if you have some time to spare it’s a sure-fire way to speed up your journey to clear-headedness. Make sure you’re nice and hydrated and find a quiet and dark space to lie down. Even if you never manage to fully fall asleep, you will benefit from the rest. As every second passes your body is working hard to metabolize the THC in your system and you’re getting closer and closer to sobriety. 

There are plenty of other small things you can do to get unhigh. Take a walk or do some light exercise to take the edge off. Make yourself a cup of coffee to feel the temporary sobering effects of caffeine. Finally, you can always intake more sativa! This cannabinoid may help you relax and the stress you feel about being high will melt away. Read more about Rick Simpson Oil for Sale.

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