15 Subtle Signs of Flirting You Might Be Missing

We’ve all been there before.

You’re at a party with some friends. Someone you’ve never met before comes up and starts talking to you. They’re nice and friendly, perhaps too nice and friendly, and you start to wonder if they’re flirting with you.

The problem? You find them attractive and want to flirt back but aren’t sure if that’s the right move or not.

Because let’s be honest, there are two ways that this situation can end. And one of them is you being wrong about their intentions and embarrassing yourself, which isn’t an ideal scenario, to say the least.

So how do you know if someone is flirting with you or simply being friendly? And what are some basic flirting giveaways that you can look out for so you can decide if it’s safe to flirt back or not? If you’re asking yourself these kinds of questions, we’ve got good news!

In this article, we’ll tell you about 15 subtle signs of flirting that you might be missing. That way you can know whether or not your new friend is flirting with you or not! Now then, let’s get started!

  1. Prolonged Eye Contact

One of the biggest telltale signs that someone is flirting with you is prolonged eye contact. So if you notice someone looking you directly into your eyes for a bit longer than normal, they’ve most likely got a thing for you.

  1. Awkward Fidgeting

Believe it or not, our body language can give away a lot of our deepest and darkest secrets. And if someone is nervous, perhaps because they have a crush on the person they’re talking to, they’ll be noticeably fidgety with their hands.

Things like hair touching, or face touching, in particular, are huge tips that someone is trying to flirt with you.

  1. Light Physical Contact

Speaking of touching, if someone thinks you’re attractive, they may lightly touch you on your arm or shoulder while speaking to you. That, and looking for other reasons to initiate physical contact (like goodbye hugs) most likely means they’re flirting.

  1. Nervous Energy

When someone is flirting with you, they’re going to be a bit nervous about it. Because let’s face it, putting yourself out there is hard and fear of rejection is a real thing.

So if you can sense that the person you’re talking to is nervous, it’s probably because they like you and don’t want to say something stupid at that moment.

  1. Constant Teasing and Jokes

Remember when you were younger and you found out that the girl or boy at school was teasing you because they had a crush on you? Believe it or not, that type of flirting doesn’t always go away as we get older.

So if someone has feelings for you and is trying to flirt their way into your life, they may do so with constant teasing and jokes.

  1. Backhanded Compliments

To piggyback off of that last point, people are quite playful when they’re flirting. That’s why jokes and teasing are common flirtation tactics.

If you notice someone constantly giving you backhanded compliments, in particular, it’s most likely because they want to go out on a date.

  1. Raised Eyebrows

You can really tell a lot about someone’s intentions based on the way they look at you. We touched on eye contact earlier, but that’s not the only flirtation giveaway that you should be on the lookout for.

When someone looks at you with a smile, and their eyebrows are raised, it’s usually a sign that they’re trying to flirt. And if you get prolonged eye contact, too, it’s almost a guarantee that you’re being flirted with.

  1. Social Media Likes and Shares

Did you know that there are over 1 billion monthly users on Instagram? That’s a lot of people scrolling and liking pictures, to say the least!

If you’re someone who is active on social media, and you notice someone in particular constantly liking your posts, it could be a sign that they like you. This is especially true if they like all of your posts, and fast, too.

  1. They Try to Corner You

If you’re at a social event, and someone is trying to flirt with you, they will most likely try to get you away from big crowds. It’s easier to make a connection in a one-on-one setting, and they can be more forward if others aren’t listening to the conversation, too.

So if you’re at a party, and someone is trying to pull you away from your friends, it’s because they want to get you alone so they can try to win your heart.

  1. A Need to Be Seen and Heard

If someone likes you and wants to flirt, they’re going to first want to get your attention. So if someone is being extra loud in an attempt to be seen and heard, and you notice them looking your way, they’re trying to flirt with you.

Also, if someone goes out of their way to get you to look at them, it’s because they, to no surprise, want you to look at them.

  1. Facing Your Direction

One of the easiest ways to tell if someone is flirting with you is to pay attention to what direction they’re facing. If they’re standing or sitting, but facing you’re direction, it’s probably because they want to be seen by you.

Of course, you’ll need to notice a few other hints to make sure it’s not a coincidence. But if they check a few of the other boxes, too, you know they’re being flirtatious.

  1. Self Criticism

A great way to get a compliment from someone you like, and open up the door for some flirting, is to criticize yourself. Because if you say something negative, another person has to defend you, which can lead to some flirting pretty easily.

So if you notice the person you’re talking to is constantly putting themselves down, forcing you to pick them back up, it’s because they’re flirting.

  1. Laughing at Your Jokes

If you’re someone who tells lots of jokes, you’re probably used to getting lots of laughs. But some laughs can be more flirtatious than others, and it’s easy to tell which ones are.

If someone laughs harder or louder at your jokes than anyone else, they’re putting on a bit of a show to get your attention.

  1. Lip Biting

One of the biggest signs of flirting, and one of the easiest to notice, is lip biting. Because let’s face it, there’s no other reason for someone to look at you and bite their lip unless they’re trying to send you a sign.

If it happens once or twice, and you’re still not sure, keep a close eye on how the person looks when they talk to other people. If they’re only biting their lip when they’re talking to you, it’s because they find you attractive.

  1. Saying Your Name

Let’s be honest, you don’t call someone by their name in a conversation too often. It’s not natural, especially in a one-on-one conversation where that person knows who you’re talking to.

So if you notice someone calling you by your name often, it’s most likely because they’re flirting with you. Again, it’s not something that happens in most conversations, so it’ll be easy to notice.

Also, if you’re looking for more ways to find out if someone is flirting with you, consider taking this Does He Like Me Quiz. It’ll help you decide if the guy you met recently is actually flirting with you or if he’s just being friendly.

15 Subtle Signs of Flirting You Might Be Missing

Well, there you have it! Those are 15 subtle signs of flirting that you should be on the lookout for when you think someone may be flirting with you!

Remember, a person’s face, and the way they look at you can tell you a lot about their intentions. So if you notice you both are engaging in a lot of prolonged eye contact, or that their eyebrows are raised when talking to you, they’re flirting.

Body language is a big telltale sign of flirting, too. Watch people’s hands, and if they’re constantly touching their hair or face, or your arm or shoulder, they’re most likely flirting.

Also, if someone appears to be trying to get your attention by being loud or trying to pull you away from a crowd, it’s because they want your attention.

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