Top Winter Travel Tips To Help Keep You Warm Through The Cold Weather

Annual temperatures in the US can range from a high of 70.7 degrees Fahrenheit in Florida to a low of 26.6 °F in Alaska.

So even travel within the US in the winter can have a big temperature drop. Or if you travel to certain parts of Europe or Canada, you will need to bundle up to stay warm.

Read on for the best winter travel tips to help you enjoy your holiday without feeling freezing cold.

Cold Weather Travel

Maybe you are traveling from California to Alaska for a holiday. Or maybe you are going to check out an Opportunity Class for your gifted student in England. Learn more about that here.

No matter where you are headed, traveling with winter items can be bulky and hard to pack. One of the best winter travel tips is to travel with the heaviest, bulky items on your body.

Wear the bulky jacket, the oversized scarf, and the winter boots on travel days. That way, your luggage can just have your soft, lightweight clothes that are easier to pack.

Protect Your Fingers and Toes

Choosing the right gloves with proper insulation is a must for cold-weather travel. If it’s very cold, add a thin wool liner underneath the insulated gloves.

For your feet, choose waterproof socks on slushy, wet days. Layer those over warm wool socks. Make sure your winter boots are also rated for the temperature of the air.

You can also think about popping some hand warmers in your jacket pockets. That way you warm your digits up each time you stick your hands in.

You can buy these at most outdoor stores or you can make your own hand warmers. All you need is zip-top bags, water, and calcium chloride ice melt pellets from the hardware store.

Keep Heat in With a Hat

The majority of heat loss happens from your head. A good hat will help keep most of your body heat inside where it belongs.

An Important Base Layer

To keep you from overheating but still keep heat in, you need to add merino wool to your shopping list.

That way you can go from freezing cold outside temperatures into a toasty cafe without feeling gross.

Merino wool is an incredible fabric that keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm. It wicks away moisture so that you aren’t feeling moist all day long. Yuck.

It dries quickly so even if you do sweat, you’ll be comfortably dry very soon.

Best of all, merino wool is antibacterial. So you can go ahead and wear the same base layer each day of your two-week holiday in Northern Canada. You won’t start to smell!

The best way to travel in cold weather is to outfit yourself in a merino wool base layer. Choose a merino wool undershirt to make layering easy. You can also get merino wool undies to keep your bum warm when you are frolicking in snow.

A base layer of merino wool leggins can be worn just like long johns. Throw on a pair under your pants on super cold days. They will keep you very warm without feeling too hot.

You can even wear these leggings to bed or lounge around in. They’re that comfortable!

Winer Travel Packing List

As we mentioned, winter gear is bulky. Is it possible to travel with just a carry on? Yes, it is!

Here is what you need to pack for a winter getaway.


You only need two pairs of pants. Bring your favorite jeans and a pair of warm leggings or chinos (for the guys). That’s it.

If you like wearing skirts, bring one with you. That way you can dress up and still be warm with your warm leggings underneath.


Bring two or three non-bulky sweaters. Neutral colors are best so they can go with whatever else you are wearing. Look for ones that are 20% or more merino wool.


It’s a good idea to bring one or two t-shirts. These are great for wearing to bed, around the hotel and as an underlayer.

You also may want to bring a pair of shirts with a collar. This way you can go a bit more dressy. You can layer one of your sweaters on top to change up your look.


You’ll be wearing a scarf every single day. So be sure to pack two very different scarves with personality. After all, this will be the accessory that shows up in all your trip photos.


You will need two jackets. One down jacket that weighs virtually nothing and can squish down really small. The other should be the bulky outer jacket that you wear on travel days.


One pair of good walking shoes and one pair of winter boots is all you need. Depending on where you are headed, you may ditch the shoes altogether.


Try to pack light when it comes to makeup and toiletries. Stick to a single packing cube if you can. Throw in an accent necklace or two to make your sweaters pop.

That’ it. One carry-on is all you need.

Protect your Face

Harsh winter winds and cold temperatures plus the dry winter air can take a toll on your skin.

Protect your lips and face with good-quality chapstick (with SPF protection) and a facial moisturizer. Even if you don’t normally moisturize your face, you will need to in order to survive the cold, dry air.

Get into the habit of slathering on a heavy moisturizer each night before bed. Also, think about packing a lotion for chapped and dry skin on your elbows, feet, and hands.

Final Word on Winter Travel Tips

There you have it! The best winter travel tips to keep you warm without having to bring multiple sets of luggage full of gear.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Come back soon for more great content for you to read.

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