Simple Ways to Secure Your New Home

It is always exciting to move into a new home, especially after buying a house in your dream neighborhood. However, new homes come with new challenges, one of them being heightened security risk. This is also true for the house you’re renting, warns  Home burglaries are common even in the safest zones. It seems like there is always someone looking over your shoulder to see what you have worth stealing. Note that home security goes beyond protecting your material possessions to protecting yourself and the people you love. That is why you must make home security your top priority.

In this home security guide, you will learn 6 proven tips on how to enhance the security of your home. Be our guest.

  1. Know your neighbors and the neighborhood

Before moving into your new home or even before buying a house in a given neighborhood, ensure that you’ve done your homework well. Be sure to understand the potential security concerns in the area before taking your loved ones to live there. Once you are settled in your new home, ensure that you know all your neighbors by name and by profession. If burglars know that you are in good rapport with your neighbors, they will reconsider their intent of breaking in. They will fear that someone is watching them even if you aren’t home.

  1. Secure the doors

Did you know that 1 out of every 3 burglars stroll into victim houses through the front door? Don’t allow this to happen to you. Make sure that your doors and windows have strong frames and their hinges are well protected. Also, it is important to adjust your door mail slot in such a way that someone malicious cannot reach the door locks through it. And speaking of locks, ensure that you change all the locks in the house immediately you move in just in case the previous occupants still have the house keys.

  1. Invest in a reliable security/alarm system

Keep unwanted visitors away by installing a home security camera at the front door. A good camera will help you keep tabs on everything that happens in your home even when you are out of town. That makes it easier for you to notice suspicious behavior and call for help. If your budget allows, invest in a complete home security system that connects to a mobile app in your smartphone, so you can stream your home security footage in real-time. A complete home security system also has a reliable alarm system that you can control remotely through your smartphone.

  1. Install a perimeter wall

A good perimeter wall will keep trespassers out and keep your pets and little children in. If there is a fence already, inspect for holes and weak spots and mend them if any. Also, refurbish your home and ensure that there aren’t any openings through which kids and pets can leave home without your knowledge. Go ahead and remodel your kitchen and secure the chimneys and kitchen windows with grills. Note that the kitchen windows and chimneys are the easiest for burglars to get in through especially at the dead of night.

  1. Try social silence

If you are moving into a smart home, be sure to buy a VPN in order to thwart any cyber insecurity concerns. Note that smart homes are highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. If a criminal takes control of your heating system, home security system, and literally every system in your home, you may not even have a way of calling the police or protecting your family and property. Protecting your home also means keeping a low social profile and not disclosing too much of your private life on social media. Don’t advertise your empty home by telling everyone online about your forthcoming faraway trip.

  1. Light up your home

If your home compound is sufficiently lit, thieves will avoid it like a plague. Burglars thrive in dark areas because they can easily run away when noticed. Ensure that there is ample outdoor lighting in your home all night long. If you can afford motion-activated light, they will help you save energy and still keep the pathways and backyard safe.


Homeownership is exciting, but it is equally challenging due to the many security concerns that come with it. And because your home could be the greatest investment yet, you have to do everything possible to protect it. The 6 security tips will help you get started with home security.

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