How to Design the Interior of a House: The Top Tricks to Know

What is good design if not the art of creating emotional and physical wellbeing in your environment? Light and sound, the reflection of color, and space for the senses to inspire a breath of good healthy living while enjoying the ambiance and atmospheres you choose for those creative and peaceful days.

It is all about your sensations; what you see, what you hear, the aromas in the air, can all be muses to the mind. If you keep this in mind when you design the interior of a house, you’ll succeed in designing the home of your dreams. Even if you decide to sell it, it’ll help you increase the property’s value, says Warner Quinlan, Inc.

Read on for some essential interior design tips to help you get there.

Spend Time in Meditation

Sit in quiet time in each space of your house and connect with how it feel to be there. Just observe each sensation as it arises, and as it passes away, and the effect it has on you, as you see, listen, touch, smell, taste, and feel.

Your intuition will awaken with the insight of the experience and you will know where to place every piece of furniture, your prefab interiors, art, and nature in the house.

Go to the Basics for the Interior of a House

Elemental truth is important because it will essentially be the way you merge the basic elements in each space, which will design a home of your own.

Fire, Water, Air, Earth; together, they result in atmospheres that can either ignite action, invite you to relax, invite you to expand, ground, or simply become one with the space.

It can be beneficial to understand the elements and their roles within the principles of Interior Design.


The element of Fire is associated with the constellations that throughout the centuries have been observed to influence self-assurance, creativity and fun, in human consciousness.

It is associated with very active qualities such as initiative, victory, extrovert egocentrism, joy, celebration, independence, freedom, friendliness, passion and truth.

Fire has the qualities of combustion and transmutation, it generates warmth, and it can transmute matter and energy.

As you work on the interior of your home, you will want to choose the qualities and colors of fire, as well as fire itself, to create a sensorial experience of warmth, spontaneity, vitality and zest in the human activities related to that space.


The element of water is associated with the constellations that reflect stability, power, and spiritual transcendence, through nurture, transformation, and flow.

The element of water can invite for reflection and stillness, or it can awake intuition and instinct by activating the emotions and opening the heart, awakening empathy, and creating a sense of peaceful ambiance that allows you to feel at rest, renewed and refreshed.

Water is a superconductor element that affects dreaming, has a purifying effect on the subconscious and its psychic nature, and it is also related to the flow of abundance in your home.

You will want to choose the qualities and colors of water, as well as the water itself, to create an ambiance for peaceful meditative places throughout your home to deal with mood swings.

Design resting areas that are healing and self-indulgent all with the intention to feel the joi de vivre that makes it fun to flow in life.


The element of Air is associated with the constellations that throughout the centuries have been observed to influence the processes of the analytical mind, inspire conversation and the interchange of ideas and diverse opinions with the intention to communicate, teach and learn.

Air can be a breeze or feel like a tornado, so it will be important for you to connect with every space in your house and identify the route of its flow.

Consciously design your home interior to enhance comfort by avoiding strong streams in places where you want people to feel at ease to think or converse.


The element of Earth is associated with the constellations that throughout the centuries have been observed to influence our conscious capacity to ground, to cultivate, to grow, to contain, protect, and nurture the cycles of life.

Earth is life itself, and there is nothing like feeling grounded. You will want to identify the spaces inside your house that can grow plants, gardens, and trees, and those which will benefit from staying just as they are.

The outdoor can be brought indoor through Zen gardens and natural objects that find enough light and fresh air inside to create its own ecosystem in balance with your furniture and building.

Explore the Relationship Between Color and Emotions

How do you feel? This is an essential question that you will want to hold dear to your experience, as you focus on designing the interior of your home spaces.

Study the psychological and physical effects of color, for example, we know that red and orange are stimulants and make you hungry.

Yellow inspires learning and vitality, that blue and green can invite relaxation and peace, and that white creates space and allows light to reflect brighter.

Keep in mind, dark colors will make your spaces look smaller.

Understand the Effects of Light and Sound

Light and sound are everything in the home. You will want to use light and sound not only for practical purposes but also emotional and spiritual.

In other words, how does the intensity and tone of the light make you feel? Does it make you sleepy? Does it keep you awake? Does it make you happy, joyful?

Does it depress you? Then the matter of efficiency comes to mind because it is equally important to consider how much electricity you are using and how effective your electric circuit is not only to lower the bill, but also to conserve natural resources.

Beyond the Home

Et Voilá! For a great interior of a house, combine the elements when choosing sound, light, and colors, that reflect the kind of sensorial experience you envision for each space in your house.

Make sure you also make space for silence and the art of doing nothing, as there is nothing like being able to feel at home in your own skin.

Looking for another way to set the mood? Check out our articles for the perfect sound inspiration for your environment.

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