How To Create Your Own Home Cinema, And What Will it Cost?

In our day to day life, we are becoming so busy that we no longer seem to find a balance between staying at home and going out. What most people do on weekends is that they watch a movie at a cinema, grab some food, come home and then get ready to sleep for the next day’s office. How does this sound? Hectic, right?

Cut yourself some slack. Take out time to breathe. How about we tell you that you can bring the cinema to your home and enjoy your favorite movies from the comfort of your home? Sounds great, right?

Let’s get started and see how you can create your home cinema and how much it would cost:


Acoustic tiles are the perfect surface for the roof of your cinema room. Notice that in all movie theatres, you’ll find that their ceilings are lined with fiberglass panels. Luckily, the least expensive way to cover an unfinished ceiling is to use drop systems. First of all, you will need to remove your existing roof and then add two layers of fiberglass insulations.

Next, install all the hardware, wiring for lights, speakers, and a ceiling-mounted projector. Now you can install the drop systems. It would be better if you give a black theme to your home cinema, as most cinemas are of the black theme.

Expected cost: 150-square-foot-room would cost under $200.

Wall Surface

Most modern homes have drywall walls, while older homes have walls made up of plaster. Both materials are not very good when it comes to acoustics.

Add lightweight acoustic boards that you can find in any home improvement store to fix the problem of the plaster wall and drywall. Cover it with a thin carpet once the acoustic boards are completed. Before you start working on the floor, you should complete the walls to avoid ruining the carpet on the floor.

Expected cost: Cost of the acoustic panels, the thin carpet, and the installation would cost under $500.

Window Coverings

Try to cover the windows to block light if you have windows in your movie room. Room-darkening shades, especially combined with standard curtains, are a great option. Alternatively, to keep light out, you can buy heavier curtains that are lined.

Expected cost: You can add room-darkening curtains for $30, and more costly drapes per window can cost around $100 to $200.


To make your experience as enjoyable as possible, make sure you have the perfect light in the room. Before setting up the lighting, you must find a suitable energy provider to experience uninterrupted movie nights along with pocket-friendly rates. You can head over to to check out how much electricity would you need and what is the best, and the most pocket-friendly suppliers near you, so you can save some bucks.

Expected cost: Under $100

Final Touches

After you have set up the essentials, in your very own home cinema, you can enhance the room with just a few more touches. You can keep a snack bar in your home cinema, or add red curtains on the sides of your movie screen to give it a more luxurious and cinema-like look.

Many people take up themes and decorate their home cinema as per the theme. Many people set up their home cinemas in the theme of football, their favorite movies, or a series, etc.

A home cinema is all about feeling the joy of being home, enjoying some quality time with your loved ones or alone, and to take out a couple of hours for ourselves from our hectic routines. Let us not forget it saves a lot of money too.

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