The Easy & Simple Steps to Learn Instagram Influencer Marketing

If you want to keep ahead of your competition or simply aspire to become an influencer, you need to learn, understand and apply the Instagram influencer marketing strategy. It may seem like an exceptionally difficult task, but don’t worry we’re here to help. We can provide you easy and simple steps to learn Instagram marketing so you can watch your profile take off.

Know Your Brand

What is it that you want your audience to see when it comes to your brand? Do you want them to understand your goals and values, your corporate social responsibility message or the work with the local community that you undertake? Before you begin to market yourself, you need to know yourself. Make sure that you have all of the above in check and fully understand what you stand for. If you don’t fully know your brand, you will struggle to communicate your image to your target audience.

Know Your Audience

Once you have streamlined your goals, aspirations and values as a brand or an influencer, you need to get to know your target audience and niche. Work out who you are appealing to. There is little to no point in attempting to market American muscle cars for hire for users that follow environmental pages that seek to lower carbon emissions. Make sure you have your target market and potential audience worked out; you can do this by looking at your competitors and analysing the types of users that follow their accounts.


Engaging with your audience is key, not only does it help you to establish who you are, but it helps garner interest in your feed. The more people you engage with, the more people are likely to engage with you. Instagram’s algorithm is set so that people see the types of photos they have a history of liking, so in other words, make sure you are putting up content that will draw in your competitors audience so you have a hire chance of appearing on the explore page.

Keep Your Content Consistent

If you look at any major brand, business or influencer, you will see that their content is always high quality and tells a visual story. Their images will use the same types of filter and always remain consistent in the types of colour used, it is more than just creating a stunning Instagram feed, and rather it is creating a mood that you can relate to the brand. Before you start uploading your content, have a look at the filters and see how they work with your images. Once you have selected a filter that is it, that is now your filter to make your own. Make sure you apply it to every post to ensure your customers and audience know it is you before they even seen the name below the image.

Use Growth Services

If you don’t have time to organically grow your Instagram feed yourself, look to a growth service to help increase your number of followers. Growth Services are different to bots – if you want to use a bot then read this article. Growth services are professionals when it comes increasing numbers without you having to buy followers.

Before you employ a service, you should know exactly the target market you want to engage with, as well as if you just want to like posts, follow people or even comment on other photos. Once you know your parameters you can set this with your growth service, and they can work on increasing your numbers whilst staying under Instagram’s algorithms.


Collaboration is an excellent way to boost your business and increase your influencer reach. A lot of influencers on Instagram will collaborate with influencers that have a similar niche or target market. Seek out an influencer that reflects your business, brand and image that you want to portray and that you are happy for your customers to view and see if they want to collaborate with you. You don’t want to go for influencers that already have a huge following as chances are, they won’t get back to you and there is no benefit in it for them. Rather, instead focus on smaller influencers with more of a micro following, where you can both works together to achieve a common goal.

Final Thoughts

A lot of influencer marketing is about common sense that is applied in a logical way. You want to make sure that you fully understand your brand and the image that you want to portray before you even start, from that corner stone, you can begin to build your strategy. Knowing your audience and your target market is one of the fastest and most effective ways to ensure that you grow, as you will be instantly aiming for the correct audience and if you don’t have time to organically grow your feed yourself, deploy an Instagram growth service. It isn’t difficult to become an influencer or utilise their marketing strategies, but it does take commitment and time to do it well!

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