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Upon first hearing of Martin Scorsese’s new movie The Irishman, most people were thrilled. The Cast looked excellent as usual. The topic was in his wheelhouse. Most importantly though it was a Netflix movie! Everyone could watch it at home! The rare time it combines cost, comfort, and flexibility all at once. However, a lot of people cooled on it once it was revealed it would be 209 minutes long (3 hours, 29 mins). Despite that run time, this movie still has a lot of juice to it for critics and fans alike.

After watching it though, this movie is a really strong entry into the Scorsese filmography. The Irishman delivers a great story to fans and historians. This movie also does a great job, per usual, with casting as the main parts are filed with iconic actors Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. All of whom have a history of connecting with parts in this genre of movie.

One thing about the movie that you will notice almost instantly is the de-aging that people have mentioned in regards to the movie. The process was pretty smooth and looked pretty solid overall. It really works well in the movie allowing De Niro, Pacino, and Pesci to take part in the whole movie, which delivers the chemistry and flow the movie deserves. Despite that, the de-aging (as should be expected) was not perfect. The eyes of all the character who were de-aged were all glowing rather oddly in a chunk of scenes. It is especially noticeable and odd in De Niro.

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Another aspect of the movie I thought was great was how awesome the interactions were between Pesci and De Niro. Pacino was strong as well, but when Pesci (Russell Bufalino) and De Niro (Frank Sheeran) were on screen together, they stole the show. This even with the fact this was Pesci’s first role in over nine years!

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Moreover though, De Niro carries an absolutely massive load in this movie as he is in almost every scene and almost all the interactions. If De Niro gave even an average performance this movie would be heavily bogged down in the score, but the fact he is great as usual makes this movie as good as advertised.

The last third of the movie was really good in that it tied everything up and explained all the different paths everyone had taken. The movie was clear and concise despite the amount of time that passed as well as how many characters there are that are intertwined.



Total Score

Overall the movie definitely lagged in parts as any movie this long tends to do, but the movie does tell a very interesting and engaging story. As with any movie with a mob background that has violence, this movie will definitely not be for everyone, but for people who like a good script with great actors, this is a definite hit. Well worth the time it takes to watch it.

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