Roses in Pop Culture Movies & Stories

Roses have been used as a reference in many movies ever since. Accordingly,to expert florist delivery, it symbolizes different meanings. Below are the pop culture movies and stories that use roses as a significant object.

  1. Beauty and the Beast

One of the most well-loved Disney movies of all time uses rose as one of its main symbols. In this classic Disney movie, it is about a Prince who was cursed by a beggar who turned out to be a beautiful enchantress as an unlovable and ugly beast forever because of his selfish character. The beggar wanted to go inside the castle to ask for refuge in exchange for a rose but the Prince turned her down and sent her away. As revenge,she turned the Prince into a beast and including his servants by turning them into talking knickknacks. So, in order for the beast to turn into a Prince again, the enchantress gave him 10 years to get a girl fall in love with him. So the latter gave the Prince the rose as a reminder that the clock is ticking and the petals of it will slowly fall off until he turns 21. If he still doesn’t get a girl who will truly love him before the last petal will fall, he will turn into a beast forever.

In the story, the rose was symbolized as hopelessness because it was meant to remind the beast that his time is ticking. But throughout the story, as the Prince found the woman who was going to truly love him, it turned out to be a symbol of eternal love that the heart has a reason of its own and it will beat all the odds.

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2. Sleeping Beauty

This iconic Disney movie is about a newborn princess by King Stefan and his wife and the whole kingdom rejoices of the coming of the unexpected princess. The three god fairies named Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather presented gifts to the princess. But Maleficent, the evil sorceress showed up uninvited and cursed the princess that the latter will die before the sunset, upon reaching the age of 16, and after pricking her finger on a spinning wheel’s spindle. But one of the good fairies, Merryweather, turned things around by casting a spell on the princess that she will wake up from her sleep as soon as she receives a kiss from her on great and true love. Then the 3 god fairies took the princess to their cottage to protect her from Maleficent then they treated and raised the princess as their own child and even named her Briar Rose. Upon reaching the age of 16, the princess met Prince Philip, who is the son of a king of a kingdom who will soon bind with King Stefan’s kingdom. But Maleficent learned about it and immediately kidnapped the young Prince Philip. And Maleficent was able to fulfill her prophecy by tricking the princess into pricking her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and immediately fell asleep.

But Prince Phillip was able to kiss the princess and woke her from her sleep as the princess lays there with a beautiful red rose in her hand. You will learn from the story the importance of roses in their love. And the princess was even named Briar Rose by her god fairies It goes to show that roses symbolize eternal love and happiness that whatever may come their way, they will find the light at the end of the tunnel and true love will find its way.

3. The Little Prince

This classic piece by Antoine de Saint-Exupery evolves around an airport pilot who crashed in the Sahara desert. Through the course of his journey in that desert, he met different things that shaped his mind. One day, one rose mysteriously sprouted on the planet and the little prince fell madly in love with it. But he caught the rose lying to her so he decided not to trust it anymore. It made the prince lonely so he left. While on the journey of seeing other planets just to cure his loneliness, he met a geographer who told him that flowers do not last forever. It made the little prince lonely and suddenly missed the rose that he left behind. So he set in another journey and found a rose garden which made him happy and sad at the same time because his rose told him that she was one of a kind.

The role of the rose throughout the story is crucial because it portrays a melodramatic character. It was the reason why the prince had to leave his planet and set another journey finding new planets just to cure his sadness with his rose. But even though he jumps from one planet to another, still he can’t afford to forget his rose. As the story develops, the little prince realizes the importance of his rose because of the time and effort that he has put just to take care of it. It symbolizes that rose is love and love comes from investing in other people. Although the rose is being portrayed as vain and selfish, the little prince still loved his rose because for him, that rose is the only one and he has spent so much time taking care of it.

A rose is more than just a flower. It has different meanings depending on the color. But one common thing that rose symbolizes is love and passion.

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