Life and evolution go hand in hand, and if our living practices stop evolving then there will be little to no progress in life. There is one life domain that has been relatively static for a very long time when it comes to progress and adaptation. There has been little change in educational practices since the schoolroom learning practices were invented. The current modes of education that are being followed in most parts of the world fail to equip the students with the skills that they need to succeed in the modern world.

In order to keep up with the rapidly changing world practices, students need to acquire the requisite knowledge in the school. Once the students are out in the field they will gain a lot of abilities that can help them thrive but that will slow down progress. Not only that, but only a few students coming out of the outdated educational practices will be able to adapt to the modern world practices.

To be successful in today’s digital and rapidly evolving world, there are some skills that must be taught in schools. These skills enhance the overall development of students. Let us take a look at a few of the skills that students need to develop before they enter their professional life.

1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

If you cannot think critically as regards the situations in the modern world then you will always be in a catch-up position. This situation may not make you static but you will find it very hard to succeed in any area of life if you are not a critical thinker and a problem solver. STEM; Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics equip students with these very essential skills. However, STEM alone cannot achieve this goal unless stem teaching tools are put into practice. These teaching tools are specifically designed to encourage students to think critically. The students are not only learning textbook content to replicate it but are also being presented with problems that they have to solve critically. Interactive learning equips the students with these very essential skills that they need to succeed in this evolving world.

2.  Communication

It is impossible to spread knowledge and information without communication; therefore, the schools need to put a strong emphasis on communication learning practices. Be it oral or written communication, the students should be adept at it. It will ensure that they are able to communicate their thoughts and ideas in any setting. For some people, written communication is difficult and some find it hard to communicate orally. It is the task of the education system to devise strategies that can help students overcome such obstacles. Lack of communication skills can prove to be a hindrance at every step, so it is an important life skill that students must learn in order to succeed. From in-person and telephonic communication to video conferencing and presentations, students should be taught to have great command.

3.  Creativity and Innovation

The world is always calling for something new. Life today is such that unless you are constantly coming up with something new you will not succeed in any area of life. Constant change may be an oxymoron but this is how modern-day living is. Whoever can come up with something new and unique is going to succeed. This is not great for success in individual capacity alone. If you are presenting new and daring ideas to your employer for the business’s progression then you are the harbinger of change for the whole organization.

It was in the past that people took a long time to adapt to change and innovation. This is not the case anymore. Unless you are not bringing anything new to the table, you are just the crowd. If you wish to stand out then you have to be creative and innovative. This skill may come naturally to some but for others, it needs to be cultivated. They just need the right conditions and the best setting to get in touch with their creative side. For some, it may be an encouraging mentor and for others, it may be regular creative activities and contests without the fear of judgment or reward. What other than the school can be the best place for all this? A teacher can be an excellent mentor and it is much easier to organize a creative contest in schools than other professional organizations.

4. Technology

If you think that you can succeed in the 21st century without technology then you may as well forget about professional success. Technology is the way of the world now. It won’t be an exaggeration to state that technology is synonymous with change. Nothing has been changing as fast as digital technology. Something that seemed life-altering two years ago is obsolete now. From devices to software, everything is in a constant state of evolution.

The students of today must know and accept this very important reality of technology. If they master one thing or a few, they should be aware that a year or so from now it will not be helping them anymore. Students should be primed to be learners of technology, however, it may come in any stage of their life. Once they know the basics and the reality of its constant evolution, they will always be able to adapt. It goes without question that they must adapt because if they do not they will be buried like a needle in the haystack. Those without the knowledge and requisite skills of technology will be lost and unable to succeed.

5. Empathy

On the surface, empathy may not seem like a skill that can help someone succeed but there is more to empathy than is apparent. It is not an easy skill to acquire later on in life; therefore, one must be made aware of its importance in the formative learning years.

Empathy allows you to place yourself in someone else’s shoes and view things from their perspective. It gives you more ideas and solutions than you previously had when thinking from your perspective alone.

Empathy allows you to be more astute than a regular person and thus your assessment potential is automatically enhanced.


All these qualities are extremely beneficial in professional capacity. You would be doing yourself and your organization a favor by being empathetic. These skills must be made a part of a student’s learning agenda.

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