SUP or Stand Up Paddle Board Tips and Information

Paddle boarding is a great sport and an excellent activity that will increase your muscle tone and endurance. However, many people who purchase a paddleboard soon lose interest because of a few simple mistakes. This article will provide a few basic tips that will help you to thoroughly enjoy paddle boarding for the rest of your life. All of the following tips are important to practice and to remember. You can also check out blackfin paddle board which are awesome.

The first thing to remember is to use a leash. A leash is not only a must but it is also an important safety feature. Conditions on a lake, an ocean, or a river can change suddenly and you do not want to find yourself treading in open water as your paddleboard floats away. There are a variety of different types of leashes and attachment points that you can use. It will depend on what type of paddling you are doing and therefore it is important to do some prior research on which type of leash is best to use.

The second thing to consider is how you paddle. You will want to paddle the right way. Paddle boarding may seem simply a matter of paddling and balancing so that you do not fall in. However, it is important to develop a smooth paddle stroke. Developing a smoother paddle stroke which will allow less stress on your elbows and shoulders. It is therefore important to have the paddle facing the right direction. The shaft is the leading edge and you must pull the blade of the paddle slightly in a trailing position. This will provide blade stability.

The third consideration when paddle boarding is to face the right way. For beginners it may not seem obvious which is the front of the board. The majority of beginner boards are tall with a large round nose. This configuration provides excellent stability. Therefore, before you begin your paddling journey it is vital to check the fins of the board and make sure that they are at the back. The fins are important for keeping the board straight and they will help you to firmly grip any waves. At times, a beginner may mistakenly put the fins at the front and if this occurs it will be almost impossible for you to keep your board going straight. You can find out more information on this at  Paddleboards by Paddling waves

When paddling it is also imperative to continually look at the horizon. Your first inclination may be to look downward at board or to watch the water as it laps on the sides of the board. However, if you want good stability then you need to keep your back straight, the weight of your body over your toes, and your head looking up towards the horizon. Paddle boarders who watch their toes will usually rock back on their heels and then quickly end up in the water.

Another thing to learn is how to fall off of your paddleboard the right way. Even professional paddle boarders will fall off of the board and therefore it is important to know how to fall. You can practice wave riding and paddleboard tricks but do you ever practice how to fall? You will want to fall far away from your board. Besides, you never have to worry about your board because you have followed the first step and attached a leash to the board and to your foot.

Other paddleboard considerations include watching the wind, riding waves that you can handle, maintaining your paddleboard and paddle, and keeping out of the way of other paddleboards, kayaks, boats, swimmers, or whatever. As mentioned previously, there are many excellent reasons to either rent or purchase a paddleboard. Besides all of the health benefits that paddle boarding provides it is good to remember that the number one reason to paddleboard is to have fun.

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