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Mobile games are eventually developed by modern computers and played on smart phones. The mobile game using technology is existing in the mobile itself in order to play a game. These games eventually played by the Smartphone, Tablets, Smart watch, portable media players, and graphic calculators. It is universal there is no free lunch in the world programmers create games not only for the entertainment there developed the game because there is some technical problems that will not effortlessly be solved by the programmers. These problems are easily sorted out by the games. Mobiles games are not included in handheld video games there tenacity and stance are different. The first game that was ever developed by the mobile phone is was a Tetris Game in 1994 after three years Nokia launched a snake game that gains massive popularity, more than 30 billion people had been played snake games. Eden of gaming is the best site for News Guides community, and Databases.

Benefits of Mobile Games

There are six major benefits of mobile games that are contemporaneous in your Android. Some of them are mentioned below.

Low Cost

Mobile games are prevalent because they are effortlessly obtainable in the App Store and Apple store. One of the best things in mobile games is they are free of cost. Almost 90 percent of games are free of coast. You have to connect your computer with the internet and can play multiple games. Some smart phones are featured in their own games. You don’t need to install games from altered stores. If you really want to purchase a game, the games will never cost more than 20 dollars. There are varieties of games that are available in the IOS games.


Mobile games are easy to play; you can play anywhere at any place. Like you don’t need to plug any device, you have to install the explicit game and can take your phone anywhere and play your desirable games. Mobile games don’t need any internet connection. These games played by their internal storage devices.


Games are not developed for the entertainment they enhance your creativity. Some games are developed to increase your IQ level. As many games are using numeric terms due to it’s your mathematics will be improved. It creates unique games that are very cheap. It includes graphics, design, and storyline. It will help you interact with new things.


The main purpose of inventing a game with other peoples. Like if you want to play a game with a team, mobile games give you the opportunity to play a game within the team, and the team may be from a different world. Through this, you can interact with any other peoples; you can become familiar with other individual styles customs and, many others more. You can make friends globally.


As we know that our mental health needs some relaxation. So mobile games are very beneficial for relaxation. It is helpful in reducing depression and stress. Playing puzzle games may increase your IQ level. It also enhances your fitness routine.

AR Integration

This era is variant upon the technology. So games play a vital role in this era. Due to this, people come to know the virtual world effortlessly. They gain interest in robots, inventing games, automation, and many other more.

Types of Mobile games

There are many latest mobile games available in the market; some of them are mentioned below.

  • Black Desert Mobile

  • Minecraft

  • Arknights

Drawbacks of Mobile Games

We know that when we use excessively mobile phones, it will affect us badly. Here are some important drawbacks of playing a game on mobile phones. Because games are just for entertainment, don’t indulge in your lifestyle.

Mental Disabilities

Children who play the game are excessively those who are the victims of mental disorders.

Criminal Activities

Some peoples invent a dangerous game in order to harm people in the past few years many people lost their life by playing dangerous games.


People want to play a game rather than talking to someone.

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