Memphis-Based Entrepreneur Rafi Chowdhury Says Raising Pigeons Is A Hobby Young Professionals Should Consider

Birds and animals take a lot of time and patience to get trained. Particularly if you want to train them as your pets. They also need love, affection, care, and food. Not all of us can train them as dedication and consistency are a must. Furthermore, you also cannot have a pet with your overly busy schedule and job routine. But, Memphis based Rafi Chowdhury has proven us to be all wrong. He is a serial entrepreneur and also does a 9-to-5 job. And his love and passion for pigeons have all of his friends and family surprised and motivated. The guy is exceptionally gifted when it comes to treating and understanding birds, especially pigeons. Let us tell you more about Rafi and his pigeons, and how they have contributed in his successful career path.

“I have always wanted to have birds as pets. But earlier it was not possible. What with my hectic study timetable and not being up to the level to take care of a mute living being. I mean, of course, birds and animals also need full-time care and love. And, you can’t just have them caged-up and forget all about them, says a smiling Memphis based Rafi Chowdhury. “Next my parents were not at all trusted my parental and caring attributes. Thus, I had to control this passion and had to wait till I got a job,” says Rafi.

“My pigeon mentor, Stanford Elkins, also play a strong role in my love for pigeons. He is very knowledgeable about pigeons and their bloodline. He says “Pigeons are like racehorses with quality bloodlines, and you should know what you are purchasing and training.” This and much more contributed to my love to have pigeons as a pet.

Pigeons & The Four Forces Of Aviation 

“Being a serial entrepreneur isn’t a cup of tea that everyone can hold and sip. And, when I say this I talk with experience of hardships, failures and successes,” says Memphis based Rafi Chowdhury. All his life the guy has followed influencers and motivators. And, when he finally his loved pet, he couldn’t contain his joy and learn a lot from them. I follow the four forces of aviation that I saw and learnt from my pigeons. I don’t do pigeon flying or racing, but in the future, I might try something on these lines,” says entrepreneur Rafi Chowdhury. The four steps that Rafi here is talking about are:

  1. Thrust

  2. Drag

  3. Weight

  4. Lift

This isn’t something that we can’t understand or fathom. Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of pressure as well as a force that can show others light and motivate them with an optimistic approach and mindset. This where Memphis based Rafi and his pet pigeons come in for a live tutorial and example. “ I see how my birdies love to fly and enjoy life when they are not safely put back in their cages. And, their daily flight is a mix of thrust, drag, weight and a successful lift. And, this alone is what makes me spend countless hours around them, says entrepreneur Rafi Chowdhury.

What Can  We Learn From Pigeons?

When you have an immense responsibility on your shoulders, you have to ignore obstacles and hardships. Pigeons don’t fight unless trained, and neither do they break away from their owner when left free to fly. Even the baby pigeon will overcome risk and doubt when they have to take the first flying lesson,” says Rafi. He further shares, “ I have learnt how to fly with or without obstacles and still keep a normal pace along with a dedicated approach. I’m the happiest when I’m around my little birdies or on the basketball podium. And, once you overcome your fears and fly without any pressure – there is nothing that can stop you,” quotes Rafi.

“My hobby is to share, learn & grow” – Rafi

Jumping into practical life while he was under 19-years-old only, Rafi has accomplished a lot that no other ordinary human being could have done. Five years of marketing & managerial experience of working with Fortune 50 companies. Next, he partnered with Facebook. And became a Columnist for Forbes, Huffington Post & Entrepreneur Magazine. Not only this, he also tried his hands via being an assistant store manager who assisted in generating $500k in weekly sales & reduced in-store shrink by 1%, increased website traffic by 50% using on-page and off-page online marketing techniques (SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Google Analytics, SMM, & Sales Funnels. He also was responsible for managing $.5MM ads budget & increased sales by 25%. There was a reason as to why his name was on the list of Top 10 Branding Experts to follow in 2016 by Sujan Patel (Founder of Mailshake)

Time is the most precious thing you can give to anybody. And, if you truly care there is no difference of night or day. Same is the case with entrepreneur Rafi Chowdhury. His pigeons are his lifelines. He spends two to three hours daily with them to ensure they also fly, eat and get a clean home. He has no plans to get them to professional pigeon races like his mentor Stanford Elkins. But, he might want to learn more about various bloodlines, types and kinds of pigeons. “I don’t have any training or professional pigeon-flying related plans at the moment. They’re my hobby, and I love to have them around me always. Though, obviously not during my working hours. But, whenever I get free, my first stop is right in front of my birdies. And, they always give me a look as if they were expecting me,” shares Memphis based Rafi Chowdhury passionately.

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