Like Bees to Flowers: Trade Show Banner Designs that Entice Crowds

US businesses spend over $100 billion annually on advertising and marketing campaigns. If you’re looking to grow your business this year, we have the ultimate trade show trick to help you gain leads and increase brand awareness.

Displaying an eye-catching banner at your next trade show is an easy and affordable way to boost business. How do you create the perfect design for your banner? Here’s the ultimate guide to designing powerful trade show banner designs.

Why You Need a Banner at Your Next Trade Show

Displaying a banner at your next trade show is a cost-effective way to boost visibility and impact. Banners for trade shows can be designed according to your needs and marketing campaign.

With thousands of attendees coming to each trade show and bringing in $12 billion annually, you’ll want to have a plan to captivate your audience. Banners are often the best route to take because they make a great first impression and draw the eye towards your booth.

Designing Innovative Trade Show Banner Designs

When thinking about how to design your exhibit banners, it’s a good idea to consider your target audience and main selling points. Taking the time to consider these two things will help you on your way to designing a winning banner design.

Captivate the Heart

When you want to win sales, sometimes the best route is to first win the heart. By this, we mean your audience’s heart. Having a powerful brand message that speaks to your audience is a quick way of gaining leads and building a following.

In terms of your banner, this might mean putting your brand message front and center. When trade show attendees are looking around the room, your captivating message will be sure to grab their attention.

Entice the Audience

Trade show banners are great not only for displaying logos and company names, but they also create a perfect opportunity for telling your audience about sales or new products. If your company name is either well-known or doesn’t reveal much about your services, displaying a promo might be the best route.

Out of all of the millions of sights and sounds at the trade show, customers are always going to spot a sale when it’s displayed in large letters. This is an easy and simple trick for getting attendees to your table to tell them about your company.

Use Color Psychology

Most trade show exhibitors will use their brand colors to design their banner, but it’s a good idea to take into account the psychology of color. What does this mean?

Using colors like red and orange will convey a feeling of power and passion to your audience. On the other hand, displaying blues and greens will give your audience a sense of calm and innovation.

Keep in mind that using colors that are completely different from your brand could confuse attendees. If your company is quickly recognized by its yellow and purple theme, then you might do best by sticking with a familiar color scheme.

Keep Things Simple

If you’re prone to over-thinking, then sometimes the best route to take is to keep things simple. How can simplicity be the best option for a trade show banner?

With thousands of attendees, most people will only scan a banner before deciding whether or not to approach a table. This is why it’s often best to display a simple and straightforward message on your trade show banner design.

Using small print or long text will not catch the eye of most attendees. They won’t have time to stop and read a paragraph. When you design your banner, keep your wording short and make the most of white space.

Consult the Design Pros

Finally, the best trick to creating a captivating banner is to consult the design experts. Professional designers can help you choose the best color and message for your banner while taking into consideration your brand and budget.

It’s important to remember that your design will be as much as 100 times larger than what you see on your computer screen. This means any typos or mistakes will be noticeable by all.

Even if your team works off of a limited budget on everyday projects, a trade show banner is a good time to invest in hiring a design consultant. Trade shows help you gain leads and boost sales, so you want to put your best face forward.

The Best Banner Types

Once you’ve decided on a design, the next step is choosing which type of banner you want to use. There are various styles and shapes to choose from, and you’ll want to opt for a style that complements your design.

Retractable Banners

This type of banner is easy to use and a great choice for on-the-go companies. A retractable banner will roll out for display and roll back in when it’s time to pack up.

Motorized Banners

Motorized banners are best-suited for high-budget displays and can display more than one message or design. These exhibit banners use a motor to scroll through looped graphics.

Banner Flags

This style of banner is suitable for outdoor displays or for positioning outside of an event room. They’re often used for simple designs and labels that help attendees quickly locate where to go.

Rock Your Next Trade Show

If your team plans on attending any trade shows in the new year, this guide will help you design and create an eye-catching banner. Choosing the perfect trade show banner designs will help your brand grow and flourish.

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