Does The Fibonacci Roulette System Work?

Roulette is a popular game and there are many systems that have been formulated by players searching for ways to win this game. The popular roulette systems include the Labouchere, the Martingale, and the Fibonacci roulette. If you place the right bet in Roulette, you can win. The rules of the game are easy thus, making it a favorite of countless people out there.

A Fibonacci Roulette system uses a Fibonacci sequence, and this sequence is the numbers, where the subsequent number is the addition of the previous two numbers. But does this system really work? Let us find out.

The origin of the Fibonacci Roulette System

The sequence of the Fibonacci Roulette System is derived from patterns. Gamblers use this sequence because they think that nature can beat roulette. They may be right but they do not know what a Fibonacci sequence is all about and so, then end up using it wrongly. And this is the reason why they lose this game.

The sequence is endless and it has its application in science and math. Some examples are found in nature such as the bees’ family tree. To bet on roulette, you do not have to begin at 1. You can place a bet as you want and till the time you follow the logic. Though you should begin with the lowest possible bet, yet it becomes important for you to test the strategies.

How does this system work?

The Fibonacci system is exclusively used in money bets-Red/Black/Odd/Even, and 1-16/17/-32, which have 50 percent winning possibility. If you use it for inside bets, then it may be unwise and may be bad for you. The numbers that you have in a session decides the number you must bet while playing Roulette at You begin with 1 and then you walk through the chain till you win a bet.

Actually, this is not a good way to play. You will profit when you win the first bet. If you win the 2nd or the 3rd bet, then it can make the loss gets bigger when you move further in a sequence. However, there is something more to this method.

When you win the first bet, begin the sequence from the start. If you move further down, move back in the sequence by two numbers and bet the amount. This shall continue till you reach the start of a sequence and you make a profit.

The system has flaws

The Fibonacci system is similar to other Roulette strategies. It does not perform in the long run. It is a sequence of numbers, which says you how much you should bet. No information is given to you and the odds of the game remain the same. The house edge stays untouched and you have to realize this vital thing. You cannot win a losing run as this shall take a lot of luck. In the end, the casino strategies always work and you can end up losing money through this is a safe strategy.


So, when you play Fibonacci Roulette at idwinner, it is a better one. It is a straightforward game that enables you to place small bets and you can win money. However, do not get fooled as this is not the only way to win a game.

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