3 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Micro SD Card

Communication via phone has become extremely popular these days and there is probably no one who does not own a mobile phone with them. With the cutting edge technology there has been a great advancement in the space of mobile phones and also the storage that is given on these gadgets. When one invests in a mobile phone there are basically five things that they would look forward to have certain features like:

  1. The storage extension

  2. The camera quality

  3. The processor

  4. The brand

  5. The design

Well, when a phone is bought the activity is not just restricted to calling and messaging. Predominantly most of the people use their phone these days for clicking photographs, making videos and also browsing the internet.

 When photographs are clicked, they require a lot of space and with just the built-in memory it may become highly impossible to store huge amount of data. With this limitation comes the need of SD cards and the micro SD cards. Most of the phones that are made these days come with a micro SD slot and the memory can be expanded accordingly.

As the name says, micro SD cards are pretty compact and they are not just used on the phones, they are extensively used in the cameras as well for the purpose of storage. Of course, everyone has a phone and a camera these days but, how many people do actually spend time in understanding the specifications of their phone and then start using it.

In the rush to upgrade majority of the people end up buying wrong accessories for their phone and cameras and one of them is certainly the micro SD card.

 There are a lot of people who invest in micro SD cards even without understanding the technical specifications of their phones. During these times, the card fails to work and would start throwing errors.

All they would be thinking is about the storage and they might as well walk into a vendor who has the least knowledge about these cards, and this would automatically lead to the purchase of inappropriate and low quality micro SD cards.

One must understand that every phone or camera is compatible only with a few micro SD cards and it is always recommended to purchase a good grade micro SD card. The low quality would stop functioning after a certain period of time corrupting the devices too.

Hence, there has to be a lot of checks to be done when you are purchasing micro SD card for your gadgets. In this article, we have extensively covered the top 3 mistakes that one must avoid while buying a micro SD card. Come on! Let us quickly read them to get a clear understanding about these cards.

  • Buying cards that are incompatible

When you are out in the market searching for a suitable micro SD card, you must remember to have done a prior research on the different kinds of micro SD cards that are available. The card that you buy must support the tasks that you want to carry out using your phone or camera.

Hence, understanding the speed, size and the compatibility of the micro SD cards with the devices that you have is extremely important. It is not always about having an expensive micro SD card that matters the most, it is about the purpose and if it suits your requirement.

  • Getting cheaper and fake SD cards

As already mentioned, there are a lot of micro SD card vendors these days who sell replica at the same price. Customers who aren’t really willing to spend enough money, the ones who are completely ignorant about the performance and longevity of their gadgets end up buying fake micro SD cards for lesser price.

These cards may look exactly like the original ones but, they really aren’t. Hence, it is always recommended to get the micro SD cards from a reliable source in order to avoid the non-functioning of the device and also the corruption of the sectors on the cards.

  • Investing in the wrong type of micro SD cards

For the one who is passionate about clicking high resolution photographs and making 4K videos, it is mandatory to get a card that is faster. Along with the speed one must also think about the space too because these videos and photographs need a lot of storage.

UHS II U3 cards and of Class 10 are always recommended for making high quality videos because these cards capture every frame of the video perfectly. Hence, getting the right cards according to the requirement is the first thing that you must follow when you are buying a micro SD card.

Well, these are some of the most common mistakes that everyone does while buying a micro SD card. Follow these steps to avoid the mistakes in future!

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