Must have Sneakers and other type of shoes for men

Men are particularly not so conscious about their dresses but, I have seen them being stressed when it comes to their shoes, watches and hat. I do not know the reason for this, but it is a good thing.

Collecting some best pairs of shoes is a part of a mans life achievements. The very first thing which someone will notice in your shoes is the look they have. recently I have bought Adidas superstar for my father, and he is quite happy since then. That is why I making all these claims.

I know, most of us will say that look is the only thing which matters, but what about the saying “being in one’s shoes”. it means that you ought to make sur that the shoes you have got are comfortable and easy to carry.

In this article I have mentioned some must have shoes which every man will need. These suggestions are very general you can add some of your traditional regional shoes as well. you may have some of these, but if in case you do not know about them, then keep reading and check if some of these are missing in your wardrobe.

1. Oxford shoes

Every man wants to have these shoes once in their life, these shoes are very sophisticated and classy, once you have them you can wear them with any type of dress, with jeans or with coat.

Sometimes, brogue shoes are confused with oxford shoes, nevertheless both are quite similar. Brogue shoes are W shaped while the oxford ones are with a cap at their top.

2. Loafers are elegant

Loafers are the lace less shoes, comfortable and best for summers. You can have them in a formal event or if you want to just for a dinner.

They are classy yet elegant. You just need to slip your feet in them, these are for fast personalities. Mostly loafers are available in tan, beige and brown colors.

3. Sneakers

These are the multipurpose shoes; you can have them anywhere. Try them with jeans or shorts, they will look as light as possible.

I have seen celebrities wearing sneaker with pants and coats, you may think it is weird but at the end of the day it is simply your way of carrying things.

4. Leather boots

If you are fond of hiking and camping, then how can you skip on leather boots. No, do not think of wearing joggers at that time.

You will have to wade streams and your joggers are made up of cloth, thus, having a pair of leather boat is the only option you are left with.

5. Joggers

Morning or evening walks are incomplete without a pair of joggers, you can have sneakers or boat shoes, but they will not be as comfortable as joggers.

Joggers are specially designed for perfect jogging. You can have these for a casual party, for shopping if you do not want to get tried after a long walk in the same mall. While playing games or for office.

Joggers are the ultimate shoes for every occasion, no man can live peacefully without a pair of joggers, I guess.

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