Five Custom Cable Solutions That Make Life So Much Easier

When you are building telecommunications or electronics devices, you should order custom cables for these devices. Your company is depending on these cables to make your devices easier to manage. Plus, you should use these cables to make your products much more efficient. Also, you can work with an expert who knows how to build the appropriate cables for your device.

1. Phone Coil Cables

The traditional phone coil cable is very interesting because it can fit in a small space, retract after you have stretched it, and wind very tight. You can talk to your builder about how tight the phone coil cable will be. However, these cables do not need to be used for phones. You can put power cabling or Internet cabling inside these special designs. You could bundle wiring inside a much larger phone coil cable, or you can get the tightest wind in the coil if it needs to fit in a small space.

2. Bundled Cables

You could get bundled cables that have your power, voice connection, and an Internet connection. You may need to bundle cables because you do not have that much space for all the things that need to be powered or connected. Some people have a hard time figuring out how they will fit their cables into one assembly, and a bundled cable solves the problem instantly.

3. Heavy Power Cables

If you are making large appliances or machines, you might need a heavy power cable that is so powerful you can get this machine started. Plus, you should ask the cable assembly company to build a plug that you think will for your customers. If you need your customers to use a heavy power cable and special plug, you might ask for an assembly that includes the plug and socket you need to put in the wall. Additionally, you can add heavy coverage on the cable so that it does not overheat.

4. Cable Protection

You may request a fairly typical cable construction, but your cables might be exposed because they are in areas that are very hot, very cold, or in danger of being severed. Most people who would like to get a much heavier cable can ask for extra protection from heat, cold, and damage. When you order cables like this, you need to think about how heavy they need to be, where they will fit, and how long they need to be.

5. A Custom Cable Spool

You can order a custom cable spool that has miles and miles of cable attached. The custom cable spool is so large that you can work with it for days at a time without running out. You could order custom cables that are supposed to be used when you connect to your offshore station, and you can unravel these cables throughout the day because you are constantly installing new cable.

If you have ordered a custom cable spool, you should make sure that your manufacturer knows how much you need. Some of these companies will make miles of cable, and others will replenish your spools any time that you want.


The custom cable solutions that you have chosen should fit the products that you are making. You want the cable to deliver enough power for your machines, and you should ask the cable manufacturer if they have an option that makes sense for your company. Plus, you can ask the cable assembly company if they can send automatic replenishments for your cables. You can protect your cables, bundle your cables, or get a special power cable with its own socket. To learn more about custom cable assemblies, click here.

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