Top 9 Gift Ideas for Gamers

Scouting a gift for the gamer may be easy and hard at the same time. This is because there is a wide array of options to choose from, and this can be good and bad. You have also to consider the platform of the gamer you’ll be buying a gift for because there’s a multitude of them as well. But the great thing is, once you get the perfect gift, nothing can compare to a gamer’s genuine happiness. You can also gift someone next-level controllers for PS4 who like custom built.

Good news, we narrowed it down for you

Have you been searching for a wonderful gift for your gamer friend or loved one? We’re here to guide you in choosing the right ones for a gamer and we narrowed it down so you don’t have to have a hard time looking. Listed below are the top gift ideas that will surely bring a big smile to any gamer.

  • Ideal for a gamer book lover

The book we recommend is not just any book, this is one is made for gamers. This book titled “Blood, Sweat, and Pixels: The Triumphant, Turbulent Stories Behind How Video Games Are Made” by Jason Schreier is about the games and the people behind its creation. It discusses the things developers go through just to produce the games that gamers dream of.

This is an ideal gift for a gamer, and definitely a must-read. Get this one now from Amazon for the best deals.

  • Ideal for the gamer’s eyes

The last thing any gamer would not want is eye strain caused by spending hours on the screen. This is where gaming and blue light blocking glasses come in, and by reducing the strain caused by many hours of screen time, it minimizes the eye fatigue, headache, and other vision problems that gamers may suffer from.

The Intercept/Onyx by Gunnar optics is the perfect eyeglasses any gamer should have. It has 65% blue light and 100% UV light protection and also features an anti-reflective coating for added eye care. Buy one for a pocket-friendly price.

  • Ideal for comfortable gaming

Other than the eyes’ long exposure on the screen, a gamer also spends many hours of sitting down, and this requires comfort.  This product from Umi. has this on their minds with their Chair Office Desk with Footrest. The chair is comfortable with great ergonomics and is made from PU leather with a padded seat and back for maximum comfort.

Umi.’s chair also has a footrest and armrest to guarantee that the arms and legs are not tensed during long hours of game time.

  • Ideal for game data and files

More game titles in PC and console are being released each month and the default storage capacity of these gaming machines can only do as much. Thus, extra space will be appreciated by any gamer, and when it comes to reliable storage, this My Passport 4 Terrabyte Portable Hard Drive by WD can be trusted.

This external hard drive can store massive amounts of data and game files and enclosed on a durable, slim and stylish casing. It also features an auto backup system via its included software so the gamer doesn’t have to worry about missing or lost files.

  • Ideal for the best audio experience

For a totally immersive game experience, gamers can surely appreciate a great sounding and looking headset and ASTRO Gaming A40 has it all covered. This professional-level headset features a Dolby 7.1 surround which delivers crisp and clear audio details in all volume levels. Ask any gamer and they’ll tell you that the slightest sound details can spell loss or victory in any game.

The ASTRO Gaming A40 gaming headset is also built for comfort, style, and durability.

  • Ideal for the 360-degree gamer

When we talk about the future of gaming, this is the closest full Virtual Reality (VR) experience available, at least for now. The Oculus Go is the VR headset that works even without a smartphone, TV, or PC synced in its system. It’s simple to set up and you can play with more than 1,000 available apps, anytime and anywhere.

To know where to buy and more details about the future of gaming that gamers look forward to, head over to the Oculus Go’s website here.

  • An ideal game for PS4 Gamers

If you are looking for a gift to a PS4 owner, then one of 2018’s best titles, the God of War, will be perfect. What made God of War popular is its great graphics, easy to play with action and adventure challenge gameplay. The storyline is awesome too, and the series had made PS4 gamers worldwide glued on their seats for massive hours of gameplay.

  • Ideal for retro gaming

All type of gamers will surely enjoy one of the most popular consoles in the ’90s, the SuperNes (SNES) Classic. The gaming hardware, which was relaunched in 2017, now has 21 built-in games Including the anthemic classics such as Super Mario World, Super Punch-Out, and Donkey Kong Country.

  • An ideal addition for gaming action figures

Complete the gamers’ collection of action figurines with custom bobbleheads, now with your favorite video game icons premade for all enthusiasts. Check these custom bobbleheads here where you can design the one that you like because they can be 100% custom-made that any gamer will surely like.

When it comes to collectibles, you can always count on one of the top creators and can find the best custom bobbleheads here in the gaming world. You can freely design your custom bobbleheads figurines, dolls and the customization options are great.

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