The Truth about Online Slots

With every industry, come its myths and realities. Even in the iGaming industry filled with video slots and scratch games, there are some highly outrageous statements about video slots – some fact, some fiction and some are just misconstrued myths. Let’s take a look at some of the top ones

1. Two Jackpots cannot be hit Consecutively:

This is a common misconception. This is because the factor of jackpots is determined on a chance basis or as some would say ‘through luck’. It’s not uncommon that a player hits a considerable jackpot and then wins another one immediately after. Winning the jackpot doesn’t reduce your chances of winning it again. And there a few online casinos which can prove it, like SlotsMillion or Power Spins.

2. Members of a Slot Club Get Favours in the Game:

The fact that a slot club is offering membership makes it very clear that there are perks for paying extra. Thus, this statement is but natural. However, it is a blatant lie. Because even though the membership of a club comes with its advantages, there are no direct impacts on the payout of the game.

Slot machines are free from these biases as they cannot differentiate between coins and cards. Thus, club membership won’t make a single impact on the outcomes of the game. Every player has to go through the same route to success.

3. Higher Wages Means Better Payouts:

Earlier, we mentioned how club membership wouldn’t get you a favourable outcome. However, bigger wages do have a perk of their own. Higher wagers used in slot machines make sure that the payouts are more frequent than the ones gained by low wagers.

It is essential to know that every slot machine is programmed with fixed payouts. The machines have to stick with this programming. But the higher wager results in higher payouts, so one could say that this statement is true.

5. Too Much Money equals to An Eventual Win:

This statement is a blatant misconception which is the cause of several frustrated players. There is no guarantee that if you stuff a lot of money in the slot, you will be triumphed. Since these slots are purely chance based, the amount of money you put won’t make a difference. Moreover, slot machines have an independent function whereby they lose the memory of prior players, wins, spins, and wagers. Thus, they are not capable of deciding whether you deserve to win.

SlotXO, a new gambling website that offers a wide variety of online slots games. That will give you the excitement of the slot game there.

6. Slots Can Be Programmed as Loose or Tight:

This is a true statement. Some slots are programmed in a way that they can only churn out lower payouts. This translates to the fact that some slots are looser in nature while some are tighter than others. The tighter slots are set to give out larger payouts and they generally aim at tourist players.

7. Frequent Use of Single Machines Increases Chances of Winning:

This again is a classic misconception and creates frustration and loss of money in players. Thus, know this that every machine has independent usage and every player or gamer is treated equally regardless of the number of times played. So, it wouldn’t matter if you have used the machine for 10 minutes or 10 hours.

Bottom Line:

Doing one’s research on online casinos slots before diving deep into these world, is a very smart choice, and we are glad that you clicked on this post. Let us know if there are any more myths you would like for us to bust.

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