Reasons why US Expelled Many International Students in Recent Years

International students have to follow many rules in the United States. To pay for their semester fee, and living cost, they can opt any part-time job. They can also do any job on campus. International students have to take the burden of all full courses their selves. But, with the arrival of Trump government, restrictions on international students increased in recent year. Trump government imposed new rules on international student’s Visas. Some of these rules are applied and some are suggested yet no applied. With these new rules students are facing difficulties in getting visas similarly their application fee is increased and in case of violating Visa rules, students get some serious punishments. These rules are driving International students away from higher education in the US the universities.

Drop-in number of new International Students Enrollment:

Many students and researchers, around the earth, choose US universities. But, according to NAFSA, in the last two years 10% number of students decreased in US universities. If even any minor violation is encountered in law, a student could be banned up to 10 years or even permanently from entering the United States. Chief development officer at DreamGo, Eddie Meng says “A lot of students tend to keep silent or go back to their country”.

Even for minor missteps, students may find themselves in violation or cancellation of their visas. All the information about the students is entered in the government database. And if a student wants to change their major, even he/she is required to inform school administration, and then changes in their record are entered in the government database. Problems occur especially as every student is not a legal expert, so one can violate any rules in ignorance.

Duration of Stay is decreased:

Another problem that is worrying international students in united states is decreased duration of their stay.  While under previous policies students can stay until their student visas are not expired.

If the students want to continue their studies in the US and if they follow the rules during their stay in the US they were allowed to stay. But now it is proposed by ICE to give students a specific duration for study forcing students to complete their education at that time. As doctorate need several years because it needs research work but US governments even restricting the participants of the doctorate program. This proposal will come in action after public comments in fall 2019.

Cruz-Garza says that” it’s difficult for students to tell exactly the exact duration of when they would be graduated.

As international students are uncertain about their graduation duration, its harder for them to make a plan for their future.

Recent Visa rules creating difficulties for international students to start and peruse their studies and their work in the United States.

There is a great number of Chinese students studying in US universities. And many students from china expelled from the top 100 universities because of cheating and plagiarism found in the student’s papers.

A survey revealed that most of the students expelled due to the low-grade point average(GPA), their academic dishonesty and low attendance. From high school to Doctorate level students these three are the major problems of students expelled from US universities side by side are students low GPA, their academic dishonesty and low attendance. But new American’s rule is also the major issue that causes international students expelled.

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