INTERVIEW: The Savior Complex

Rusty Hum: Most bands come together from various other projects before they find the perfect mesh and it just vibes. What were some of your past bands and projects before coming together?

Roxxi Dott- In Hollywood..or do I say “LA LA LAND” it’s just one big blur of tens of thousands of projects hustled daily to get to this moment. The Savior Complex.

Rusty Hum: Do you all feel that The Savior Complex as a band has finally reached that level of being the right and tight fit it needs to reach your music goals?

Roxxi Dott- The right and tight fit is fashion. Fashion is a very serious business. You cannot achieve shit without vibration or frequency of MUSIC. The Savior Complex.

Rusty Hum: From our beginnings, we can learn so much. What have each of you learned that has become of great value to each of you personally as musicians and friends?

Roxxi Dott- Fuck Friends. Sell your Soul. Get it Over With. The Savior Complex.

Rusty Hum: What bands have influenced The Savior Complex?

Roxxi Dott-  Peaches and Herb…The Intro to Hawaii Five O …The soundtrack to Pee Wee Hermans Big Adventure and The Popcorn Song by Anarchic. The Savior Complex.

Rusty Hum: Will we expect more of this sound and style from The Savior Complex?

Roxxi Dott- No. We are going to change band members like underwear was thrown by groupies at each Engelbert Humperdinck performance live on stage throughout the 1970’s! No Order Whatsoever! The Savior Complex.

Rusty Hum: How important is it do you think to pull out as much as possible from each single before going to the next single? (Some bands choose to market one single at a time, others choose to push several all at once. How did you all come to your decision on strategy?)

Roxxi Dott- 3 Blind Mice. The Savior Complex.

Rusty Hum: Your music bands process where has it taken you?

Roxxi Dott- What the Fuck? Are you holding your tongue extended out your mouthpiece by your didgets Cindy Brady? The Savior Complex.

Rusty Hum: Your fanbase is growing quite rapidly. Are you at all surprised?

Roxxi Dott- Yeah…STD’s are a bitch. The Savior Complex.

Rusty Hum: So many bands are designing their paths to stay independent for as long as possible. Does the band have a favored directive they prefer to take?

Roxxi Dott- I favor Tour, Tour and more Tour. Ill design a path to our Merch Table and make you buy the same shirt 3 times. How’s that directive Peck? The Savior Complex.

Rusty Hum: What advice would you would pass on to a band who is just beginning?

Roxxi Dott- I’m not gonna say shit…..I’ll just play a 1982 song on possibly a 45 record by Missing Persons…Who can name the song I’m thinking of? It’s off the “Spring Session” Album Kiddies… HMMMMMMM? The Savior Complex.

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